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Reports: Print batches of reports

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AR2013 doesn't appear to have the ability to save a batch of reports which are rerquired to be pirnted on a regular basis.  AR V19 did.

I have around 15 reports that I need to print at the end of each month. I had that set up as a Batch of Reports. Push a button and it was done.

You can't do this with AR2013.  Would be good to see this facility returned.


"Report batches"

Current Status: Done
Last Changed: May

The AccountRight browser interface allows users to produce reports in Report Packs.

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Report batches are an essential tools for my clients who are novice user


This function assures that they print the same consistent reports every month.


It seems to me that in the 'new' version it should be even easier to implement a function like this.

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I am in the same situation, I produce groups of reports every month and quarter, why can't this be achieved by a batch process.

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Thanks for the idea Kindy3. Having the ability to setup batch reports certainly has multiple benefits. We would love to see some votes on this.
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Why did this function disappear in the 1st place. I don't understand how so call upgrades rip of highly valued features? And then all you get is the lame comment: Under Consideration. Would like to see some votes ??? 

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Hi @CountItDone 


Thanks for your message. The new AccountRight range was completely re-written and some features from the classic versions were not included and many others were added, including our online functionality.


We ask for votes and comments here on the idea exchange as they help our product development teams prioritise their work. The team is constantly working on features and enhancements to the software, and feedback from clients assists them in gauging the importance of one feature over another.


Thanks again for your input on how important this functionality is to you.


All the best,

Jason Hill
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 Hi, it would be great if you could add a radio button/selection for current year or next year, similar to the BasLink screen. I just tried to print out a batch of reports for October 2014 and ended up with October 2013. Not many businesses close their financial year at the end of June





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Have just upgraded to Accountright in the cloud.  Took me 10 minutes to print my monthly reports.


What happened to report batches?  Choose your batch, choose the month, one click and they're done.

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Hi @Robarillo 


A "new idea" already exists for Report Batches; I suggest that you read the comments on this "new idea" Report batches add your own and vote for it by clicking its '+ Vote' icon; it presently has only 8 votes and is "Under Consideration".


Thank you.

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Hi All


I am using mainly Account Right Live.


Every End of month, I export around 10 reports to excel and check them for EACH client.


Example of Reports: Payroll Summary, Receivalbes Reconciliation Summary and Detail, Payable Reconciliation Summary and Detal, GL detail YTD, P&L Multiperiod YTD, Balance Sheet as at end of reporting month etc.


I have set all the reports up under REPORTS/MY CUSTOM REPORTS in myob data file. 


PROBLEM - Takes forever to run all these reports, export each report to excel EVERY MONTH for EVERY CLIENT.


Solution - I have looked for ADD ON partners but most only pull ACCOUNT movements at end of months and some of these reports need every underlying transaction pulled into the ADD ON product.


Does anyone know how I can easily get reports available in MYOB Account Right live in one batch/report bundle and have exported automatically to excel?





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Hi there Smiley Very Happy


I am goin through a period where I am needing to print several reports one after the other, and whicle I was mucking around opening and closing and changing this and that, wouldnt it be so great if you could set a preference somewhere to be able to 




so essentially you would be able to print all of your month end (or whatever) reports by just setting up a preselection of reports/fields etc and being able to pop in a date range and just selecting GO or PRINT


and viola, a half hour job would take two minutes.


PLEASE consider designing this function, it would make life so much easier, and work more productive.