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Reports: Run reports across financial years

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New Zealand

It would be useful to be able to run a report across two financial years - for example, if I want to run a P & L for 1/1/13 to 31/12/13 I need to run a report for 1/1/13 to 31/3/13 then 1/4/13 to 31/12/13 and combine the two of them.


"Run reports across two financial years"

Current Status: Done
Last Changed: March 2023

Hi Everyone

Reports such as the Profit & loss report in the AccountRight Browser interface can be run across multiple financial years.

Please note that the AccountRight Desktop application is governed by the financial year so you can run from the current, next, or past financial years but dates do need to be in the same financial year.

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Thanks for your suggestion on making multi-period reports more flexible in the dates that they can be run for. We're always looking for new ways to make the reports more friendly in AccountRight so we would be happy to consider this. So we can keep track of the demand for this idea, please remember to vote on this idea if you'd like to see it added in.
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I would really like to see this feature as our financial year runs on calendar year for educational purposes.

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For v19.x users we have an "any 12 months" profit report in our library of reports, also available for job profit reports. See for trial download.

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Further to Joanna's comment.


  Would it be possible to have a multiple year Profit and Loss.


Given that MYOB is not rolled over and the data not deleted, it would be useful to have a Profit and Loss for say 5 yeatrs.


Duncan Smith


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Hi Joanna,


An alternative solution is an Add-on called BudgetLink. It has the ability to change the reporting year from a financial year to a calendar year and then run a profit and loss report for full calendar year


That functionality is available in the ultimate edition

You can download a free trial from here:




Jeff Stephenson

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Production year is from 1 Mar - 28 Feb can you please allow profit and loss' to lapse between years so it is possible to print out a profit & loss for a production year.


currently, because you can only print months in their own financial year, you have to export 2 separate reports (1 mar - 30 jun & 1 jul - 28 feb) and manually total them in excel.

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What I currently doing is using ODBC to extract data from 2 myob data file directly into excel so therefore no need for manual export from  2 reports.


Have a look at this and let me know if you need help.




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What about Sales reports....?


Seriously guys...this is 2014...and MYOB can't even run a sales report across 2 financial years?


Can't answer the phone...


But happy to take my money!!!




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Hi @OudwiqiugPL

Thanks for your feedback and comments regarding the reports crossing financial years.

There are some sales reports that can only be done for the financial years such as the Analyses Item Sales report.  Generally this is because the way in which AccountRight would store that information and what the report is trying to achieve. However in saying that there is a variety of sales reports that do run across multiple financial years such as the Items>>Sales Details or the Sale Register>>All Sales report

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MYOB - Please, you must include the ability to pull data and run customer reports over multi financial years. As a builder the inability to do so is extremely frustrating. As you can appreciate most building projects don't build themselves neatly within financial years, in fact they usually run over at least 2 financial years and for this reason MYOB is not currently as helpful to construction businesses as it may be for other businesses. Otherwise keep up the good work.


We need to run customer sales reports that span over multi financial years. Can you please make this happen ASAP?