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Sales: Change of decimal places on values

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Our company deals in small items that are sold in vast quantities. The unit pricing on these items have at least four decimals places and when dealing with quantities anywhere from 10,000 to beyond 50,000, a mere $0.0001 can make a difference.


When entering Sales Invoices MYOB AccountRight Plus (v2012) has the ability to accept entries with as many decimal places as I need, resulting in the correct total on the invoice. My issue arises with these invoices are printed or forwarded via email. This is when MYOB changes the decimal rounding to the standard two places on the unit pricing and all other amounts. The result is a lot of upset clients that feel they are being over charged when the numbers are being rounded up. This is not the case, however it can look that way.


Is there anyway that there could be a setting added that will allow the user to change the automatic rounding of numbers on invoices, leaving the rounding to be shown at the final total of the invoice.




"Setting the number of decimal places"

Current Status: Done
Last Changed: March 2015

Thank you everyone for your comments and votes. The latest version of AccountRight v2015.1 has the ability to print four decimal places for Unit Price on Item Invoices. 

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Thank you for the feedback. Vote if you would like to see this feauture in AccountRight. When voting please also comment on the number of decimal places you need.
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Agree with Jen. We have the same issue & require at least 4 decimal places. This should be standard in my opinion, as it has been in all earlier versions. Whiting out invoices is tiresome & shouldn't be necessary.

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Yes. We have the same problem. We need at least 3 decimal points. It hasnt been a problem in our previous version.


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We also come across this problem. It also applies to the printing of pay slips. Our pay rates are calculated to 4 decimal points, but only 2 decimal points are printed on the pay slip. This causes contraversy amoungst staff. Although the calculation is correct is looks otherwise of the pay slip.

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Thanks for the info on how this is affecting you, a change to choose how many decimals you can add should also affect your Payslips, if necessary, and correct this for you. The feature was initially set so that on your printed documents only real world currency amounts appeared rather than fractions of cents and I apologise for any inconvenience that this may have caused.

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I agree.  I need 4 decimal places on my invoices too.  I believe it should be an option that can be switched off and on as needed.

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The Photocopier industry commonly has unit pricing below one cent for copy cost. The industry standard is now below one cent and customer s need to see they were charged x number of pages at their quoted unit price. Printing below 2 decimal places was possible before so this is not a technical limitation or impossibility. We need both and the ability to either switch it off and on, or more easily for MYOB is add an extra field and users need to create a second customise invoice form.


Secondly we also track how many copies we 'sold', so fudging the QTY and unit price (by selling a differnt qty at different price) is not possible either as it disrupts our monitoring of sales volume. Furthermore, having a staff member use a calculator to work out the QTY x Unit cost is not an acceptable solution for an accounting package.


I reccomend MYOB solve this issue quickly and create an additional data field for use on printed forms i.e. IncpriceEXT, where EXT signifies a prined column with extended decimal places. This would solve the issue because users could customer their forms with either the standard two decimal places with rounding  (= IncPrice) or the non-standard four decimal places (=IncPriceEXT)?


Isn't this a simple solution?

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I find it extraordinary that this issue still remains since MYOB went live to the cloud.

Accurate invoicing is one of if not the most important thing we need in our software.

Yet we are not getting it & nobody has given us any indication when this will be fixed.

Is anybody listening? It seems not.

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Thanks for your feedback @woftam, I will ensure your comments are shared with the product development team. As a general point, the team is constantly working on further improvements to the software and prioritise their work according to the impact on clients and the number of clients affected.


All the best,

Jason Hill
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Hi Jason


Thank you for the reply.


At the moment we  sell our products in 1,000 lots. For instance we may sell at $32.00 per 1,000.

We have used MYOB since we opened in 2004 & have had no problems. Everything worked perfectly.

But since going live to the cloud we have had to use white out on the item price & then overwrite it in pen, because the software is either rounding up or rounding down the item price. So when you have had to use white out on your invoices for this long it gets a little frustrating.