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Sales: Enter Sales - Ability to select packing slip for printing

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Before the last upgrade we were able to print a packing slip without printing the invoice first. This has changed and now we have to print the invoice to be able to print the packing slip. The issue I have with this is most of our customers have their invoice emailed to them which means we are throwing away the printed invoice, which is a waste of paper and toner. Can it be changed back to the old system?


"Print packing slip from edit invoice window"

Current Status: Open
Last Changed: April 2015

Hi there @Mike_James and @CBS001,


Thanks for that feedback. While the option to print a packing slip without the invoice is already a feature available in the software, we do agree that perhaps there may be improvements that can be made to the process to provide our clients with a more efficient method (such as implementing an option to print packing slips straight from the order/invoice window).


As such, I have changed the status as undergoing consideration. Anyone else who would like to see this incorporated within the program, please comment and vote by selecting the '+ VOTE' button next to the subject header.




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Thank you for bringing this to our attention, Mike (@Mike_James). It appears the +Vote button and previous votes had been accidentally marked as hidden. I've since reactivated it. 



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I've gone through this forum and noticed on quite a few posts there are packing slip improvement requests. Many posts with voting on each post.... This is never going to be implemented if it is spread across so many posts to vote on.  I suggest admin adresses this issue as one of primary design flaws.


Why is there no option to print packing slip from the sales invoice window?  Current solution is to apparently change the status of the invoice. This, as many many have mentioned before and I am once again, is a big issue when it comes to e-mailing invoices. Essentially they need to be changed to another status in order to appear on the print packing slip window ( so anything but to be e-mailed) . THEN you are required to change them back to the "to be emailed" WHY? It should be independent.


Also may I recommend a tab in the print/mail invoices/packing slips window NEXT TO INVOICES stating if the packing slip has been printed and on what date.  So when you DO open the "print/email invoices" window you are aware if something has or has NOT been printed out.  This way it is a guessing game.


It is not a great task to implement these two things, but it would make this a much much better system to run.


Many people on here are not even aware of the voting. I am sure that I speak for majority of businesses selling items here ( obviously excluding services to a degree)....Please take this as a priority without just "cast your vote" and filing it amongst many other posts.


P.S. If I need to be corrected I am open for comments, maybe there is something that i am missing here.

Thank you.

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In 19.5, if your file was set to print packing slips with invoices, and you changed and invoice to be emailed, you still got the option to print the packing slip. This no longer happens. It is a real work around to try to make this an easier process

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Thank you for your suggestion @A-L, it has been passed on to our developers. When deciding upon features to implement our developers take several factors into account. While the popularity of a suggestion as measured by our idea exchange is one, the usability of current features without the change is also taken into account and has been considered.


As you’ve mentioned, spreading votes across many different threads makes it more difficult for our developers to gauge the popularity of an issue. For this reason we’re merging your post into an existing suggestion for the same change, so that the votes on both suggestions are correctly taken as being for the same change.

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Not only is it a waste of printer ink and paper, but a waste of time to have to wait while the system generates the order/invoice that I do not want or need, and then either print (or save to file and then either cancel the save, or delete the file), and then wait for the system to generate the packing slip.

It seems to be a simple fix, and no-breainer, that you be able to simply select to print, at least 1 (user defintied) default packing slip.

It just wastes time and effort and is frustrating, when I know that it would be so simple to rectify



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Hi @TimmLC

Thank you for your feedback and voting for this idea. I've shared your comments with the team in regards to this idea.

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I discovered this anomaly yesterday with a client where the person who packs the orders, enters the invoice - and wants to print a packing slip. The office then come back later and check/email the invoice. I was dismayed to see that this was no longer an option. Whilst I agree that there is a way to do this - it is indeed clunky and time consuming to do when only wanting 1 packing slip. What is so hard about changing the order of printing back to how it was in the classic version. This was so much more practicable - if it ain't broke don't fix it MYOB. I really think the programmers need a day out with a certified consultant to see how the programme is actually used.

Please bring back the packing slips - from the invoice screen - without having to print the invoice first.

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Hi @jenniek


Thank you for your feedback in regards to AccountRight and this particular idea. I have shared your comments with the team.

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This would be a big improvement... we use the 'invoice delivery status' option to differentiate between account customers who want their invoices & statements emailed or printed, so for any email customer who wants a packing slip, we have to change the invoice to 'to be printed', print the packing slip, then change it back, which seems needlessly long and complicated.


This is a much simpler and easier way to print a packing slip.

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Can we please have the option back to say "cancel" to the invoice but still print the packing slips. The amount of paper and ink we throw out is so wasteful. I'm aware we can go into the "Print/Email Invoices" in under Command Centre, but it's time consuming when you have to do order/invoices quickly all day. 


Kind Regards