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Sales: In Tray - attach documents

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 I have seen the in tray for purchases and ask if there are any plans to add an in tray to the sales invoice side. It would be very helpful to us as a solar installation company to store all compliance and design pdfs with the installation sale record, so that over time we when we re-visit the sale record we can find all of that in one place. 


'In tray for Sales?"

Current Status: Open
Last Changed: March 2015

Hi @PET 

Thank you for your idea in regards to AccountRight and sale transactions.

Currently the In Tray can be used for purchases only. I would encourage other users that would like to see the ability to upload documents to be read for Sale transactions/an "Out Tray" to vote and comment if required.

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if would be great to be able to attach customer po to sales order i use another accounting program witch allows it to be done it is so handy.

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My customers all love that they can attach purchase invoices but they cannot understand why they are not given the ability to attach their customer orders. If this was available to them they could go totally paperless.



It is great that you can process from the InTray, BUT, when there is a new supplier the ability to put information into the new card is limited due to the new card window being directly over the supplier invoice and it is not movable. Could this window be made so that one can move it out of the way in order to get the supplier address and ABN onto the card.




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Please activate this option as it is essential to send contracts or others

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Yes this would be awesome to attach an outray as we sometimes have other items to attach to a invoice but have to first email it to ourselves then attach extra docs and email out. So we never have the document attached in the MYOB

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It's very disappointing that this request has gone on for years now?  I wonder whether the developers action these requests?  XERO does a beautiful job of attaching documents in all sections of the package.

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Please enable Attachments for all transactions


Users want it !


BGL Simple Fund 360 does it !


I am told Zero does it !


The Tribe has spoken !


Please enable Attachments to all transactions


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The uploads are obviously never going to happen as we have been asking for long enought.  Also the double movement of attaching an invoice in the purchases instead straight from an emaikl  Maybe this could be looked int.

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Hi, it would be really useful if we had the ability to upload pdf documents to support sales invoices, in the same way we are able to have a supplier invoice in purchases.  We use Payment Claims which are done outside of MYOB, which is standard practice in construction and similar trades.  I would like to have the ability to upload the Payment Claim as a supporting document when I create the corresponding invoice in MYOB.  Xero has this function and it is useful.  Does MYOB have any plans for this in the near future?


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I am finding the inability to attach documents to invoices very frustrating. I use Xero for some clients and I can do it on their platform. 

Is there any other way to keep invoices documents on MYOB? 

Not having this functionality means I have to also keep a copy of the documentation separate to MYOB which makes no sense. 


Any help here would be appreciated!

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MYOB, yet another price increase and still no attachments to sales! Why are we still waiting on this much-needed function?