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Sales: Progressive Invoicing - billing partial amount (%) of invoice

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- We have just
converted over to MYOB from Quickbooks. We are disapointed with the
quote/convert to invoice system. In Quickbooks we could convert a % of the
quote or certain items on the quote. We could then go back in at a later date
and invoice the amount remaining from the quote to be invoiced. We also use
rather long descriptions in our study descriptions and MYOB does not allow
enough characters for this in the description box. These are quite basic
functions offered by Quickbooks and I believe should be in MYOB. I am sure many
businesses would want a % payment prior to starting a job?


"% invoices - progressive invoicing"

Current Status: Open
Last Changed: October 2013

Thank you for your suggestion vhr, the option to convert only part of an Order into an Invoice. Other members of the community that would like to see this added, please do remember to vote and comment.

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We need this now. It makes my job uneccessarily complicated working out individual invoices for progress claims 

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Yes, would love for this simple feature to be programmed into MYOB. I am shocked that MYOB seems to be designed only with the 'back end' in mind - accountants, bookkeepers etc. For those utilising the MYOB for simple tasks such as creating quotes and invoices this platform is not very user-friendly and even cumbersome at times! 

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It would be really helpful to be able to partially invoice. We invoice our clients for the stock component and then later the install component. Without partial invoicing we have to save as a recurring, create a new quote remove the install components save that as a new invoice, then find the original and put in a negative value which might be ok if it was a one line item but we have different Gl account allocations for different stock types and so we are basically doing the whole quote again  but in the negative so we can then use this invoice to issue our final invoice post install. If an employee forgets to add in the negative items it makes for a very embarrassing situation when accounts send the whole invoice to the client who arks up about being charged for the stock twice. Please add in partial invoices as Quickbooks and Xero both have this option. Maybe we need to move to one of them after supporting Myob for over a decade.