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Sales: Progressive Invoicing - billing partial amount (%) of invoice

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- We have just
converted over to MYOB from Quickbooks. We are disapointed with the
quote/convert to invoice system. In Quickbooks we could convert a % of the
quote or certain items on the quote. We could then go back in at a later date
and invoice the amount remaining from the quote to be invoiced. We also use
rather long descriptions in our study descriptions and MYOB does not allow
enough characters for this in the description box. These are quite basic
functions offered by Quickbooks and I believe should be in MYOB. I am sure many
businesses would want a % payment prior to starting a job?


"% invoices - progressive invoicing"

Current Status: Open
Last Changed: October 2013

Thank you for your suggestion vhr, the option to convert only part of an Order into an Invoice. Other members of the community that would like to see this added, please do remember to vote and comment.

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Thanks. The only problem with this is that we won't have a record/report showing what orders are open and balances owing.

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If you record the invoices in advance, you could print out the Sales Ledger, using a future end date to show what has been recorded. Also, check the reports available in the Sales Tab - you can print a Customer Ledger which will tell you what has been invoiced and paid for specific customers.


And if you assign a job number to each sale, there are a few different reports you can run in the Accounts/Jobs tab that may help.


None of it ideal, of course!

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Thanks for your suggestion and its great to see the workarounds being suggested. We're certainly happy to look into adding options like this, other users that would like to see the option of automatically creating a partial Invoice for an Order please remember to vote on this idea.
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The use of progress payments is very common in businesses, so it would be great to see myob incorporate this sort of functionality.

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We have this problem too, however we keep the order as an "order" and change cusomise the invoice so that it prints as an "invoice".  This allows us the option to supply an invoice with line items and payment dates for each instalment.  Even though it remains on our system as an order, it appears on paper as an invoice for the customer purpose.  This avoids paying the GST and PAYG liability prematurely or until the invoice is fully paid.


When chasing up overdue payments, we include orders in the listing.



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Our business too needs the ability to split payments for sales and purchases. In our case we buy/sell wine grapes and payment terms are 1/3 instalments with payments due May, July, September. It would be great if we could modify payment terms on invoices to reflect this structure as it is not feasible for us to issue 3 seperate invoices for each payment.


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For the construction industry getting paid a percentage of work completed is a given. If you could have a quote converted to an invoice, that has the ability for each description, to have a percentage allocated and the remainder carried over until all percentages are complete. This would save me from having to keep a log of invoices and the amounts owing which defeats the purpose of purchasing an accounting program. 


For the description line could you make the characters available from 255 to unlimited. Having to stop and adjust until the line matches up with the next description box is a bit annoying and is not saving any time.


Both of these items are making more work for my accounting needs and are increasing my time greatly for basic data entry.

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Hi Aaron, @Anza 


The idea you have suggested already exists it can be located this link % Invoices (% Complete Invoices & Field Length) and there is this new idea Invoice Description Field Size (Field Length minimum of 500 characters).  Also there is this one Purchases Item description field now shows only one line which seeks to address the fact that when a description is being typed by the user, only one line is visible to the user whereas in the Classic versions 4 lines were visible.


Please review, comment and vote for those ideas as you see fit; we are constantly being told that 'New Ideas' will not be implemented unless they have a sufficient number of votes (?) to warrant their implementation.


Thank you.

Best Regards
Tony Lane - Penguin - Tasmania

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I need to be able to make progress payments on fee submissions given to our clients at the beginning of the contract.

Does anyone know a way that I can set up the fee and then make monthly progress payments based on the amount of work completed.


Or alternatively, is there a function that can cap the billable amount of a job.


Is Accountright likely to get an upgrade any time soon that will have a progress payment function?


Thanks in advance

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We entered majority of our sales as orders on deposit, then converted to invoices once the goods ready to be delivered.  And we have alot of orders to enter everyday.


Our problem currently is, firstly, we have to go back to command centre after entering each sale, to be able to enter the next order.  It's taking a lot more time to go through all orders everyday.  Usually a pop up 'error' stopping us finishing  the order or, secondly, the transations being submitted twice creating a double-up entries, same happened to purchases recently. 


Is there a way to fix the problems, its been two years since we converted to version 2012 and the problems still existing. Please help to make our every day work easier as the old version if possible.