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Sales/Purchases: Ability to enter transactional line without $0.00 appearing

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I would prefer to see the old way of using blank lines come back - I use item layout where I have items setup for Job Number/Job Name etc - these become searchable items and useful, however now I can't use them because a blank $0.00 on every line in the invoiuce - I can use "blank lines" in some cases - but these aren't searchable. Bring back the old way.


"$0.00 on every blank line"

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Last Changed: July 2014

Thank you for the clarification Jenny. I see that you wish to be able to add transaction lines with amounts of$ 0.00, while entering values in other fields (such as items or transaction dates), so that these can be used as normal transaction lines by other functions such as find transactions, or exporting without $0 lines printing on invoices.

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Can MYOB refer to their Premier program and the way you can enter purchases and sales.  Now that we are being forced to utilise AccountRight (for ATO requirements) its become a huge pain to enter invoices or purchases.   Why do we have to insert blank lines or transaction lines.  Can't you make it like it is in Premier - if you tab across then its a transaction line, if you don't tab across its not a transaction line.  Painful!

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Hi, after coming from Account Right Premier V19.15 into 2019.2, I needed to change the dates on 20 invoices, which you can no longer do as my invoices had miscellaneous information in the description field that didn't need to be charged to an account number. If I wanted to change the date, I had to re-enter all of the information in my invoice using blank line entries so it didn't need an account number for every line, what an absolute waste of time! This needs to be updated that you shouldn't need to enter an account number for every line entry in an invoice, purchase order, quote.

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In the new AccountRight2019 every transaction line has to have an account and a dollar value - please revert this ridiculous idea back to previous versions where you can CHOOSE which line item has an account and dollar value.