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Sales/Purchases: Copy transactional line

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Hello MYOB,


I would like to put a new idea out there.


I use job codes alot in Purchases for a company that have many salons.


One invoice, I need to split approx 12 times - Is there a way that you can place a copy button so that for each line the same will fill approx 12 lines of same description, Account code and amount and all I have to do is place the job code? At the moment I have to copy and paste the description for each line, type the account code and then the amount and then the job code. 


I believe this will save a lot of time


Hope I have made sense.


Thanks for reading and hope you can help.


"Copy button for Description, account code and amount for one invoice different job code"

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It would be great to see a shortcut for copying above line (for description, account code, Job no, etc) and also a shortcut for selecting the account code, rather than clicking on the drop down arrow.


I used Microsoft Dynamics Navision for many years at my place of work and F8 was the shortcut to copy above and F6 the shortcut for any drop down box. Very useful and time saving for data entry.

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just searched for this, sad that no one else has answered

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makes sense to me, even though my input's in this way are not very many. 

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Hi @cdpappas

@JulieHen62's post was posted as a possible idea on the AccountRight Idea Exchange. All ideas are passed onto the program development team for possible inclusion for future updates. At this stage we are still encouraging members of the Community that would like to see this included to vote and comment if required for this idea.

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great idea!