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Sales/Purchases: Description character limit

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Please please please increase the character limit in the tax invoice description to at least 500, or no limit at all.  I have seen a number of requests on the forum for this over the years and am not sure why it has not been changed.

Many of our job descriptions or quote descriptions go over the word limit and I have to break up a paragraph somehow mid-way through, which does not look very professional.

We do not have a $ amount for each line entered, we enter a number of aspects of a job in one line, which all total one amount, and this frequently exhasuts the word limit.

I know I can add a blank line underneath with a $0 figure, but the limit frequently runs out mid-way through a sentence and it is very frustrating having to cut the half of the sentence that I got mid-way through, insert a blank line and paste the sentence in there and then keep going until the limit runs out again - it seems so pointless. 

Thank you



"Description character limit"

Current Status: Done
Last Changed: October 2020

Hi Everyone


Thank you for showing your support for this idea

With the release of AccountRight 2020.2, the character limit for sale and purchase line descriptions has been increased to 1,000 characters. So no more blank lines to add in a comment, just add it directly to the description.

Check out AccountRight 2020.2 now available for more information on this update.

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I would love to be able to enter as much data as I like when posting an invoice line. At the moment once I use the allocated number of keystrokes I have to create a new line which means that there are lots of $0.00 on my invoices which I then have to print and white out before scanning them to my clients.
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Another good idea ... specially would be helpful when entering workshop jobs, with lots of waffle!!!


For invoices AND purchases Smiley Wink

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You might also consider using extra lines in your invoice, to add these details,

In your invoice screen, then go to Edit - Insert Blank Line.

Similarly under Edit, you can also insert Header and Sub-Total lines. 

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Thank you for your suggestion @KKillick. I can certainly see additional space could be useful when entering data. This has been raised previously. I recommend that you vote for this idea here:

Invoice description field size

In the meantime if you right click on the current on existing line of your invoice and click 'insert blank line,' this will add an additional invoice line that you can type a description for that will print out with the amount field blank.

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Yes, I agree that the description field needs to be enlarged and also when you arrive at the end of that field an alert appears and you can not keep typing.


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Thank you everyone for your votes and suggestions. I have shared them all with the relevant team, hopefully we can see them implemented in the future.


For anyone else who is also interested in this idea, please do cast your vote and leave comments if required.

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This still has not been implemented... 

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It would be great to have this increased as some of our item descriptions need to be longer for our clients.


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This would be a great improvement.

The current system seems so antiquated and clunky, and makes it very hard to produce a clear flowing invoice, when your description exceeds the character limit.   

Personally i will be continuing to use my Ipad app which produces excellent invoices, and then data entry the figures into myob later.   $77.00 per month and i have to double handle my invoices.


Not what  I envisaged when signing on.

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Hi @Yawny


Thank you for your feedback in regards to AccountRight and the invoice description field. I have shared you thoughts with the team.