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Sales/Purchases: Description character limit

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Please please please increase the character limit in the tax invoice description to at least 500, or no limit at all.  I have seen a number of requests on the forum for this over the years and am not sure why it has not been changed.

Many of our job descriptions or quote descriptions go over the word limit and I have to break up a paragraph somehow mid-way through, which does not look very professional.

We do not have a $ amount for each line entered, we enter a number of aspects of a job in one line, which all total one amount, and this frequently exhasuts the word limit.

I know I can add a blank line underneath with a $0 figure, but the limit frequently runs out mid-way through a sentence and it is very frustrating having to cut the half of the sentence that I got mid-way through, insert a blank line and paste the sentence in there and then keep going until the limit runs out again - it seems so pointless. 

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"Description character limit"

Current Status: Done
Last Changed: October 2020

Hi Everyone


Thank you for showing your support for this idea

With the release of AccountRight 2020.2, the character limit for sale and purchase line descriptions has been increased to 1,000 characters. So no more blank lines to add in a comment, just add it directly to the description.

Check out AccountRight 2020.2 now available for more information on this update.

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Hi @RuthMcKeown15 - you're right, this is a valid issue for companies providing professional services. Another issue is the length of Item names - currently a maximum of 30 characters (29 if importing data via Excel).  Whilst generally adequate, this is too small for some industries - such as automotive. Public hospitals with mainframe inventory systems have had problems with long drug names or where dosage instructions have to be included, for different patients - e.d. adult and child. Sometimes, a pharmacy system drug name, that's too short, has resulted in serious accidental drug overdoses.


The reason for short fields for item names and descriptions is performance and cost.

Modern data field lengths are usually 16 or 32 characters, though sometimes 64.

Longer field lengths slow down data processing - so 32 or 64 length fields need need a fast processor, that's usually more expensive. Also they need more data storage space - though this cost has been reducing, as 1 terrabyte drives become more common.



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And also extending the maximum characters for Time Entries

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Hi I would like to see more character spacing in the Invoice description area - we tend to have lengthly descriptions in each area and we run out of character space.  We then have to return and start a new area thus the system will input 0.00 under the amount section until you finish inputting all the description and then finally you input the amount to be charged.  The invoice would look better if the whole descriptio could be input and then only one amount is displayed on the invoice.  Is it possible to increase the number of characters please...


I await your comments




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Hi, should you not be using a text only line, or somesuch, instead of $$transaction  line, that will save the 0.00 from showing. right mouse click in the line and you get the options.

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Is there any update to this.. is a most frustrating thing as a mechanic who likes to give a clear description of work done, in one take.

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Has there been any movement on this topic?? I came to vote and realised that I already had done but it was so long ago, I had forgotten. It is incredibly frustrating that there is such a limit to the number of characters available in this field. Even 'insert blank line' is also too limited. Trying to add a detailed scope of work by copy and paste, instead of having to type everything out numerous times, is virtually impossible. The characters end up cut off and it is only a limited number of lines that you can view at one time so you have to scroll to find the end/start of the next paste and even then it looks unprofessional on quotes and invoices because the spacing between each 'blank line' is larger than the spacing between lines within the field.

I have had it up to **bleep**'s bow with the inflexibility of MYOB and the disgraceful length of time it takes to get anything like this amended.  

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Has there been any update to this? Finding it quite annoying breaking up our paragraphs on every quote!!

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You say on your forum that this has been solved by inserting blank lines, but this process is cumbersome & the blank lines are always added at the start of the description, meaning if you have already input text, the description is out of order.  I don't see why I should have to attach a separate word file.  When using item invoices, there doesn't appear to be any limit to the number of lines

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I Have account right and I also am experincing this issue, coming across from reckon accounts pro I find the myob way of invoicing really lacking basics. 

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Hi @Frankmech87


Thanks for your feedback. I have moved your feedback onto the appropriate AccountRight Idea Exchange that relates to this topic.