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Sales/Purchases: Enforce duplicate invoices/purchase order numbers

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This is the result of discussions on the main forum. It's also my second attempt to post, I lost the first one due to timeout (my fault really). So here's a briefer post.


I'm discussing purchase references here, but the same comment may apply to sales etc.


The problem is that the warning has been reduced to a tiny yellow triangle, adjacent to the relevant field, which doesn't appear until you tab out of the first invoice line, and doesn't display any text unless you hover on the triangle. So 1-liners will never show the warning text.


It's only a warning, so it's possible to complete the entry of your bill without ever seeing the yellow triangle, and record the bill.


This warning needs to be given more prominence somehow. In previous versions the warning appears on pressing Record. I would suggest that it should appear, with text, on tabbing out of the data field (either purchase number or bill or both, according to the preference which has been set. And it should not be  possible to record the transaction until the warning text has been accepted or cleared.  





"Enforce duplicate Reference warnings"

Current Status: Done
Last Changed: February 2013

Thanks again for your feedback. We have implemented a new warning system in our latest AccountRight update - 2013.0 - which will be available in the coming days. We hope you find it useful. Any further feedback is most welcome.

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Thanks for your feedback, everyone. This is currently scheduled for our next update.
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Thanks again for your feedback. We have implemented a new warning system in our latest AccountRight update - 2013.0 - which will be available in the coming days. We hope you find it useful. Any further feedback is most welcome.
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Haven't been on the forum in quite a while, but wanted to look up what had been said about the duplicate invoice warning.


I am using the latest version of AR2013 and have checked three times now to see the above-mentioned improvement.  IT DOES NOT WORK unless you tab through to the second line on the invoice (then a big triangle appears).


If, like me, you generally have only one line to enter and you use the Alt button or the Record button to record the invoice, you never have to tab any further than, say, the dollar amount or the job number (having already set the GST code).  YOU NEVER GET A WARNING!!!


Could you please fix it properly and completely, for once.

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OMG MYOB - get your act together!!! - I have also just noticed this problem doing end of month reconciling of statements!!!  We have just upgraded to AR - no wonder everyone is leaving MYOB in droves and chaning over to cloud based accounting software such as Xero.


This is such an important feature - whoever overlooked this step should be sacked!


You have just wasted around 1.5 hours of my afternoon - which just should not have happened!!


I am really not impressed by this software at all - it is slow and outdated!!



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Hi DaveLeonie,


I have done some testing on the invoice number warning and it does appear to be showing as soon as I tab from the Invoice number field for me.


I have tried giving you a call so we can investigate this further but it looks like I have missed you for the day.  If you could send me a Private message with your best number and time to call, we would be happy to arrange this for you.



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Do we know if any update has been done with regards to this? We are using Account Right (online version) & there is a major delay when warning for duplicates (it is basically letting me go through an enter in a duplicate invoice and record it sometimes without any warning - I generally have to click on the invoice number 3 times before it warns me)... does anyone else seem to have this problem?

We have been close to paying invoices twice one too many times and it is beyond frustrating.

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Hi @BH01 


Thanks for the feedback.

A couple reasons that it might have a delay is the number of invoices it needs to check and the connection speed.


A couple things you can check to find out where it is getting delayed is to open up Clearwater, the sample company, and doing a duplicate invoice/purchase. You can also check out the online file so you can see what your file is like offline.


Let us know how you go so we can pass it on to the developers.