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Sales/Purchases: Enforce duplicate invoices/purchase order numbers

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This is the result of discussions on the main forum. It's also my second attempt to post, I lost the first one due to timeout (my fault really). So here's a briefer post.


I'm discussing purchase references here, but the same comment may apply to sales etc.


The problem is that the warning has been reduced to a tiny yellow triangle, adjacent to the relevant field, which doesn't appear until you tab out of the first invoice line, and doesn't display any text unless you hover on the triangle. So 1-liners will never show the warning text.


It's only a warning, so it's possible to complete the entry of your bill without ever seeing the yellow triangle, and record the bill.


This warning needs to be given more prominence somehow. In previous versions the warning appears on pressing Record. I would suggest that it should appear, with text, on tabbing out of the data field (either purchase number or bill or both, according to the preference which has been set. And it should not be  possible to record the transaction until the warning text has been accepted or cleared.  





"Enforce duplicate Reference warnings"

Current Status: Done
Last Changed: February 2013

Thanks again for your feedback. We have implemented a new warning system in our latest AccountRight update - 2013.0 - which will be available in the coming days. We hope you find it useful. Any further feedback is most welcome.

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Thank you for the feedback Mike. I can see your point around making the warning more prominent where an action is required to pass it, especially as you have turned on the preference to enable this warning. What do others think? If you like this idea, then please vote for it.
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Hopefully MYOB will realise that this is a valuable tool & it's absence is causing time- wasting & in many cases costing real money.

If a supplier had not alerted me, how many bills could have been duplicated & overpaid?




Best regards,


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An accounting program I used to use had an audible warning when you entered a duplicate invoice number, this sure did get your attention straight away, avoiding wasting your time allowing you to enter the entire invoice before notifying you of the issue. Just another idea of how MYOB could improve.  However MYOB chooses to change this, a change is definitely needed!

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An audible warning would be good but the "trigger" would have to be better than AR2012's.  As I mentioned in the general forum, I almost only ever have to enter one line for our purchase invoices and I use Alt O to record the invoice (or occasionally the record button).  So I get NO warning, ever.  This is only triggered by tabbing through to the next line.   I've recently had to go back and delete - yet again - a couple of duplicated invoices.  What a waste of time!

This needs a priority fix, in my opinion, and that's not going to happen, bearing in mind all the other faults in AR2012.

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Thanks for all your votes everyone, and telling us what's most important to you! We're planning to include this in an upcoming update to AccountRight 2012. Hope you like the change.
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While we wait for the change, is there any sort of report we can run to check for duplicates - I'm nervous of double paying suppliers AGAIN - if they don't tell you we would never know....



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Hi Kirsty,

The most obvious report to run to check this would be:
Reports >>> Purchases >>> Supplier >>> Purchases [Supplier Summary]

After displaying the report, go to the Insert/Modify Tab and use the Show/Hide button to add the "Supplier Inv No." field.


Then go back to the Filters Tab and use the Sort button to make sure the Supplier Inv No. is the first sort order applied.


Kind Regards,

Will H.

MYOB Client Support.

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Im not fussed with the doubling up of Supplier Purchase numbers in the new AR Live.  


When I enter a purchase into AR Live that has already been entered, it does not bring up the little yellow warning triangle until i press the Record button and only flashes up briefly before recording.  This means that if I see it, I then have to go and find the double entry and delete one, or more often than not, I don't see it and end up recording a double up.  We enter a large number of purchases every week so it has become an issue.


The old way of bringing up a warning box when you press record is a much better solution.

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Well, just downloaded and installed the latest AccountRight 2012 (V12.9) and, guess what, the duplicate invoice problem has NOT been fixed!


Why, oh why, did I think anything would change?

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Elvis, this is currently scheduled for our next update. The team is constantly working on further improvements to the software and prioritise their work according to the impact on clients and the number of clients affected. Following the launch of AccountRight Live we have moved a system of regular software updates and we will publicise details about the next update when details are available.


All the best,

Jason Hill
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