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Sales/Purchases: Include a Categories column on Enter Sales/Purchases window

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Please could we have a Categories column in the Enter Sales and Enter Purchases windows.

Our company has three branches that we need to report on individually as well as a group.

At the moment when we receive supplier invoices from for example telephone companies, IT providers etc we need to split the bill across the three branches or cost centres, currently to do this in myob we have to enter the bill three times, once for each branch/category/cost centre at the apportioned amount. The categories function would be so much more useable to companies if you could split bills for example across categories in a single record entry.


"Categories Column in Sales and Purchases"

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Last Changed: September 2012

Thanks for the feedback. Categories are a little tricky, because categories are designed to produce a Balance sheet report ( as well as a P&L) the category needs to be applied across the whole transaction in order to result in a balanced Balance Sheet. However I do understand the need for additional Cost codes or Dimesion codes per line. The Job Codes are certainly an option ( if they aren't already in use for other means). I'd love to hear more about this idea - particularly what sort of reporting do you need from these codes?

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We too are wanting to use Categories on both sales and purchase transactions to track different profit centres.  However, multiple profit centres can exist within one sale or purchase transaction, so the category needs to be applied per line item, not per whole transaction.  Job numbers are already in use to track individual pieces of work (warranty and recall records), so we are currently keeping records external to MYOB to track profit centres.  This means a lot of duplication, and, as with any manual system, it is open to error.


Hence, you get my vote.



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Seems every month I have to delete a EFT payment for 100plus invoice. Then delete the payment for the invoice just to change the categories on a few transactions. Then reverse the procedure to record the payment. A major waste of time. When it would be so simple if only it could be changed once you are in the invoice.



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I am wanting to split my business into two categories which are run from the same premises using same bank account etc.

Being: Fabrication / Grounds Maintenance

All overhead costs including phone / rent / electricity / water etc will be split between the two categories. 


The category selection only allows you to select one at a time.  Meaning that when you want to enter a bill and divide the bill equally between the two categories you have enter the bill twice with the 50% of costs.  I am suggesting like the job column you have a column in the expense line to allocate to the category as well.  This way you only have to enter one bill and can divide it between two (or more) categories.  I am sure I am not the only business that has this issue.  Reading the community forum it seems pretty common problem.


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Hi @kylieelston

Thank you for your idea in regards to AccountRight and Categories.

I have merged your idea with this similar one included on the AccountRight Idea Exchange.

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As per above, we already run Job Costing, but also run Categories, and at the moment everything is requred to be entered several times over.  This includes journals, bills and invoicing, which is very time consuming and also counter productive as we are having to enter the same invoice/bill etc with each different category, which also then flags for having duplicate invoice/purchase numbers.


There simply has to be a better way or the system needs to be rectified urgently



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I run Categories currently in AccountRight Premier (not Live). From an accounting background I think it would be difficult to have separate categories within 1 transaction as the Balance Sheet wouldn't really work. For example, how would you split 1 debtor's invoice in the Trade Debtors' control account on the Balance Sheet? We run both Categories and Jobs. It would however be totally AWESOME to go back and change a Category on Sales and Purchases once it has been receipted / paid. It would also be fantastic if MYOB would fix the problem they know they have with the Category General Ledger Summary report in the AccountRight Live version. It seems not to be very high on their list of fixes!

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Agree. Categories will work for us too if it is attached to each account instead to each invoice.


I sometimes have one invoice that relates to different cost centres, fuel cards for example.

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Definately agree that Categories need to be able to be split per line instead of whole transaction. 

Entering the same "bill" in 3 times to get the percentage split is extremely time consuming.

I thought MYOB is suposed to save users time, not waste it! Smiley Happy


This feature would be fantasic.

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Has there been any progress on this? - It is exactly what we need to be able to do.

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Please action. It will not impact the balance sheet/P&L. We all just need to be able to assign both categories and jobs to each line item of a sale and purchase. Each sale has individual components assigned to certain office/business sections. We can have purchases that need to allocated to certain offices (i.e. category) and jobs. (e.g. national freight invoices have individual lines items that are both job and office (i.e. category) specific).