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Sales/Purchases: Jobs - Adding job numbers onto transactions in bulk

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We often have invoices that can be up to 2-10 pages long and have many hundreds of parts on them 

Each invoice is usually one job for our customers and it takes a long time to individually input the job number for every part 

I would imagine that most businesses using a job number system would do a seperate invoice for each job for a customer ( that is what we do) and what is needed is a spot to put the job number for the entire invoice so that it automatically inserts it each time a part is added.

The other option is a fill down function similar to excell where you can highlight the lines you want to insert the job number into and then it asks you for the job number

The best solution would be have both options available but just one would be a big benefit 

The highlight and fill would be good for where people have two or more job numbers on one invoice whereas the auto finput would be more suited to a single job per invoice

Hence both would cover everyone 

Again something to make life easier for the Myob user 



 "Making it easy to put a job number on a Large Invoice"

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Last Changed: June 2015

Thank you for the great suggestion @DazzaB Ibelieve a lot of our clients like your selves will benefit from this option a great deal. I encourage all users that would like to see this feature in a future upgrade to comment and vote.


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Second attempt at raising this issue!!


Is there any way that a preference can be added for the option to allocate a whole bill or invoice to a single job.


At present job numbers need to be allocated on a line by line basis, and when you are entering 700+ invoices across 5000 items per month with every bill or invoice being relevant to a single job, it is very open to human entry error and takes alot of time in the reconcilliation process at EOM.


Another option would be a preference to hold job numbers so if you enter it on the top line, it will stay unless changed.




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Hi  BettaBuyBakers


Have you tried using the categories?  This might be better suited for the invoices that have one single job.  However the opposite will happen where you can only have one category per invoice and can't have various categories.  


Maybe time to use a add-on to help with your job management requirements?

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Hi @BettaBuyBakers

Thank you for your idea in regards to AccountRight and job entering.

I've merged your idea with this one already included on the AccountRight Idea Exchange.

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Every transaction I enter in MYOB is allocated a Job No so I can track each invoice/purchase order/cheque payment/receipt etc against a particular Job and produce a P&L Statement for that Job. 


However, there are some instances where it would be useful to be able to allocate a line entry (say in an invoice) to more than one Job No so I can produce a transaction report for each individual Job No so that both reports will show the same entry.  I don't mean having Sub-Jobs under a Job Header either as we already use those.


Perhaps when selecting the Job No. in each data line entry (say in an invoice) a Job No. dropdown list appeared and we could select multiple Job Nos for that particular line entry.


It's not an essential feature, but would be handy if it were possible.

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In order to allocate more than one job code to a transaction you need to separate it by adding another line. It would be so much more effective if we could allocate a portion to job codes like we can in the payroll section.

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Our business is currently importing supplier invoices directly into MYOB which is working incredibly well.  However the invoices can be very long with multiple lines and we still need to allocate a job number to each line (to track job costs). In our situation it is always the same job number for the entire invoice.  It would be great if we could select the job number on the first line and autofill the rest.  The way it is now defeats the purpose of using the B2B interface because it takes too much time to add the job number. I think more people will be using B2B interfacing as time progresses, please consider job number autofill. NLJ

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This would be one of my favourite suggetions,

However I know way back this used to be the only option, to have one order number for each invoice.

So I loved it when it came out that you could allocate each line to a different job.

I would not like to loose this feature.

But sometimes invoices are very long and all for one job and I would love to be able to allocate it all in one entry.

Hopefully on the job report it does not come out as a lump sum, but remains a list of all te items o the invoice.


"Making it easy to put a job number on a Large Invoice"

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I think that if you were given the option that you could "remember"the last entry (like the date does) it would work well too, then you only have to change or add it once if there are multiple job numbers per purchase.


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I would like to see the allocation memo as an option for the "JOB TRANSACTIONS ACCRUAL REPORTING".  


This used to be on the old version of MYOB and clients loved it for the fact that they could see the description on each income and cost of sales code when calculating the GP on each job.  If the GP looked distorted then the allocation memo explained if there was extra-ordinary expenses on the job for e.g. etc electrical, upgrades to their meter box (for solar jobs), why the job was discounted.


This was a great feature that MYOB has not brought forward in Accountright.


Bring it back please!

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Fantastic idea.  Also when searching for a job number to put on an invoice in myob and not necessary to show on the invoice sent to customers by name would also be a good feature.