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Sales/Purchases: Paid Today - Select account





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Purchases when paying from the Purchase screen (PAID TODAY) can we select what account we want to pay from. Instead of it going straight to the linked account.

Current Status: Open
Last Changed: July 2018

Thank you for the idea, comments and votes, this is something we do see the benefit of being included in the software. Please continue to vote and comment. 


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When using the "PAID TODAY" field, enable it so you can choose which account to pay from (eg. perhaps a drop down list).. not just the default account... but perhaps, for example, a credit card account. 


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When entering Purchases/Sales Invoices, there is an option of 'Paid today'.  This defaults to the cheque account or another bank account.


How can you apply the payment/receipt here, but have the option to change the bank account the payment/receipt  is to be applied against, as well as to or from a credit card.


This would save the tedious task of having to enter the invoices and then 'Make Payments' or 'Receive Payments' - meaning 2 transactions.


Thank you

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Hello @Beverly1. Thanks for the excellent suggestion. Having a field to select the bank account used next to the 'paid today' field on sales and purchases would certainly make this field more useful. As well as speeding up data entry it could also help to prevent errors. Could all users who would like to see this field introduced, please cast your vote here.

You can change the accounts used by these fields currently. To do this go to setup and click linked accounts. Select sales accounts or purchases accounts as appropriate. For sales change the account in the field 'bank account for customer receipts.' For purchases change 'bank account for paying bills.' Obviously since this is done outside of the actual sale or purchase, this isn't as convenient as having the field on the sale or purchase would be.

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I agree, great idea, bank rec is still a little confusing now.

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I can enter a sale and payment (where I can select the payment type on the same screen).  Would REALLY love to be able to do this on the purchases screen as well (can only use default payment type at the moment).  At the moment I have to save the purchase then go back in again to make the payment if it is anything other than the default account.  This wastes so much time.  A drop down box as on the sales invoices would be perfect!


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Hi @suebell


Thank you for your idea in regards to AccountRight. I've merged it with your existing idea already included on the AccountRight Idea Exchange about this topic.

This idea is something that the team are still considering. As such we still encourage other users to vote and comment if required for this idea.

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When entering bills and sales it would be useful if there was a drop down box so you could pick which account you want to pay or receive money in the "Paid Today" field.  it is half way there in the Enter sales window, but it only gives you two options Account, which you can't change without going to the set up page, or undeposited funds.


This would save a lot of time especially as we have multiple accounts are being used.


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Strongly agree with this

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It would be great for us particularly as most of our "paid today" is from our credit card expenditure.

Probably wouldn't need this feature if we were able to add PDF, like we do in purchases, to banking spend money.

Either feature would really save time.

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We need this also. IT would save a lot of time.


Currently we have to record each sale as a two step process  "Enter Sales" and then "Receive Payment" so we can select the account to deposit the payment into.  Depending on the payment method, the account to deposit sales funds into can vary.