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Sales/Purchases: Remove comment on Enter Sale/Purchase window after recording

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I have found that if I select a Comment to be put on one invoice, it automatically adds it to the following invoice unless I take it out. I would prefer if you could just add the Comment to one invoice and let that be that.


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"Default Comments"

Current Status: Open
Last Changed: December 2013

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You need to have the option to do one or the other... sometimes this is a good feature / sometimes it is not  - there should be an options to choose

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I use the comments box to add machine serial numbers and this is different with every invoice, I agree with Barkel, there should be the option to save or not to save

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Yes agree it is a pain and the same with job numbers they are a pain to enter.

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This was listed as "Under Consideration" over two years ago. Any progress on this being improved in a future update?

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Hi @CamGuru

Thanks for your feedback

At this stage we don't have a particular time frame for this idea will be added to the program. However we are still encouraging clients to vote and comment if required for this idea.

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Insert query to MYOB using the sample clearwtr.myo and there was an error. The error is written below (We have been searching how and we found an instruction to disable the uac). We already follow all the instructions to disable uac but unfortunately, the result is stil the same.


Warning: odbc_execute(): SQL error: [MYOB ODBC]Cannot execute an INSERT IN read-only mode., SQL state 08004 in SQLExecute in C:\xampp\htdocs\insertmyob.php on line 10 

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This really causes lots of problems for us as it is the only place we can place comments on accounts follow up etc.  It would be great if we can get this updated so that we can add comments that are specific to the invoice.

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Hi Suja, we have the same problem in 2019.4.  We don't want the same comment for the next customer as it might be a delivery notice with a date.  How can we remove that please?