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Sales Register: Add additional columns

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Hi guys, I have been on the forum and noticed my idea was first presnted in 2013 by another user and repeated nearly 20 times.

I struggle to understand why you cannot add/modify the fields in the Sales Registry Window.

Account Right is designed for variances in business workings and cannot always rely on a set window for staff to work around. Our business requires (as do others it seems) to be able to (at a glance) pull up invoices based on other criterias in the fields.

We have a requirement to add a field (or can modify an existing field) to enter a customer number as this is the only way we can identify the order, otehrwise it adds 3 minutes to the query. We have found a work around by placing this number into the purchase order number field and modified the tax invoice and delivery dockets to reflect this, but not a good way to do this.

Could you please review this idea and give some importance to this request as it has been around for over 4 years and others have had to find a work around.



 "Sales Register Window Customising"

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Yes agree 

I have to put details at the end of my Purchase order number to help provide details on which job is which and addtional 

Notes or Memo column would be very useful

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I would love to be able to customise this screen.

Remove columns and add additional information as a form of sorting sales into relevant information like, Sales Department (we have 3) and Job Number.

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See attached file to show what my suggestion is.