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Sales: Send the same invoice to multiple customers

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I help run a sporting club. I want a way to send a copy of the same fee invoice to all of the club members.


I currently use Recurring Sales but this is a bit cumbersome as I have to copy the sale to each customer, then when I edit it for next year, I have to edit all of them again. It's a bit difficult with 100-plus members.


I’d really love to just have one template that I could email to a bunch of people.


I'm sure other people would also like this functionality. I hope they vote for this idea.

"Send invoice to many"

Current Status: Open
Last Changed: September 2012

Thanks for the feedback. Perhaps a way to quickly save a bulk number of invoices from a recurring template is needed? If you like this idea or have suggestions how it should work, vote for it and add your thoughts below.

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We could provide you this functionality in the 19.x range and when the API is ready in the 201x range we could look to upgrade the solution for this as well.


Send me a message if you want it for 19.x range now.




Ian Millsom

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This is appropriate for more than clubs.  Need to be able to tick customer names or by identifiers please.


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Hi all, just wondering whether there has been any update on this?

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Is is possible to have the ability to 'mail merge' a templated invoice to bulk customers.


For example, for customers who are members of a society and pay the same regular subscription, and the only difference on the invoice is the invoice number, it would be efficient to have the ability to template the invoice and 'mail merge' it with the selected customers, so that each is allocated a unique invoice number.





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Hi @Marion 


This idea already exists as a 'new idea'; it was submitted on 12/9/2012 and its current status is "Under Consideration" with 57 votes.

Please add your vote and comments to it on this link Send invoice to many

Thank you.

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Hi Everyone


I'm also looking for a solution to this.  We have a large number of clients who we invoice monthly (with several different membership levels).  I have a recurring invoice created for each client and change the template monthly to contain the specific month name.  I have a list of the memberships which I tick against to record the invoice (my safety check method).

My curiosity is how Myob deal with their monthly subscription invoicing ?  Could this method be the solution we are loking for ?


Kind regards



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Hi Diane (@MultiScreen),


Thank you for your post. I understand it would be great if AccountRight could record multiples of sales from one recurring template. We hope this feature is introduced in a future update.


As for MYOB, due to the scale of our membership base we do not use the AccountRight software to invoice our monthly subscription. Therefore it would unfortunately not be a solution that could be applicable to invoicing in AccountRight.


We will update this post when this Idea is implemented in the AccountRight software. We appreciate your patience in the meantime.



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Membership Manager is an addon for V19.x users at present which does this very well. Check out - works in both NZ and Aus. I have a club using this and they love it!

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I generate 80+ identical invoices every quarter with a complete change of customers every 12 months. While I can use a recurring transaction for the set up of each quarter's invoice, I still need to go through and generate and record each individual customer's invoice. The suggestion previously made to me by MYOB staff was to set up a recurring transaction for each individual customer but with a complete change over of customers every 12 months this not a more efficient solution than my current method.


Ideally I would like to be able to generate a master invoice and then select which customers it should be recorded against from the card list in a similar way to a mail merge operates. It would be fantastic if this feature could be added.


Thank you

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Hi Yvonne


What you can do is use ODBC to create a mail merge in Microsoft Word with information from myob.


let me know if you need help.