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Sales: Send the same invoice to multiple customers

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I help run a sporting club. I want a way to send a copy of the same fee invoice to all of the club members.


I currently use Recurring Sales but this is a bit cumbersome as I have to copy the sale to each customer, then when I edit it for next year, I have to edit all of them again. It's a bit difficult with 100-plus members.


I’d really love to just have one template that I could email to a bunch of people.


I'm sure other people would also like this functionality. I hope they vote for this idea.

"Send invoice to many"

Current Status: Open
Last Changed: September 2012

Thanks for the feedback. Perhaps a way to quickly save a bulk number of invoices from a recurring template is needed? If you like this idea or have suggestions how it should work, vote for it and add your thoughts below.

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Thanks for the suggestion. I am not familiar with ODBC so I will have to look into it when time allows.

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If you need a demonstration of what or how ODBC works just let me know.



Linh Co

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We invoice memberships annually to our data base of new and existing "customers"

In our case this involves invoicing 200 members with the exact same detail.

Example Item 1001 Membership for 2019-2020 season cost $55


We would imagine any organisation using MYOB and having the need to regularly invoice a select group of their customers with the exact same detail would find such a "multiple invoice" option extremely time saving and a great selling point for clubs and the like.


Hope this finds some support.


Bill Daly



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AccountRight doesn't have the functionality to generate a template transaction that can be used for multiple cards. Currently you need to create that recurring transaction for that individual transaction on a per-customer basis. Really frustrating when you are sending the exact same invoice to 162 people every few months. ZCould this possibly be built in to the next release?

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Hell @neil64 

You can set up a template recurring Transaction.

Create a new 'DUMMY' customer. Something like ZZZ ENTER CUSTOMER NAME ZZZ. I Use the ZZZ so that it is at the boyyom of my list.

Go to New Sale and set it up with the details you need using the dummy name, and save this as a recurring sale. Do not Record the sale.


In the Recurring Schedule Information screen give the template a name that is relavent to your needs, make the Frequency 'Never' and DO NOT tick the Save changes option.



Now you can use recurring and select this template. enter your customer name instead of the 'Dummy' name and you are all set.




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Thanks David - that is what we are already doing - but I would like to be able to link one invoice to all cards. Seems this is not possible as yet. Have asked the tech guys to consider for the next upgrade..

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Too time consuming.  Competitors don't have this problem

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We subscribe to MYOB for our business accounting. I have recently volunteered to become Treasurer of a community organisation. Please add a feature for sending one invoice to multiple recipients.  Your main competitor has this feature and it's one of the reasons there software has been recommended to me over MYOB for NFP organisations.

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This issue was first posted in 2012  and the status of this product improvement idea is still open. 

Does anyone have an update? 

Surely MYOB has come up with a solution by now for a problem that is clearly facing many users?

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I have over 1100 invoices to send mid February. Each have the same line item - a membership renewal.
This has to happen again mid August, with expected 1300. 
It takes around 3 minutes per invoice to generate what we need at this time, I've become good at it. However, it's a huge waste of time if it's the same invoice over 1000 times.
It would be fantastic if one invoice could be sent to an entire Custom List, or maybe people in a certain country etc. 

I've voted for this feature but it's been up since 2012. Is there any update on this??