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Sales: Send to Disk (PDF) select form

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Would it be possible to make a form selection available when sending an invoice to disk as is possible in printing or emailing invoices


"Select customised forms when sending an invoice to disk"

Current Status: Done
Last Changed: July 2021

Hi Everyone

With the release of AccountRight 2021.4, users will be able to select the desired form when using the Send to Disk feature on invoices and purchases.

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 Our business too would appreciate this feature. We use the 'send to' function a lot and i find pritinting to PDF takes up time and becomes 'clunky'. i am currently training a new salesman in MYOB and would be more straight forward way of sending out quotes etc. 



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Hi @Bellejayne

Thank you for your comments and voting for this idea. I have shared your thoughts with the team.

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MYOB PLEASE!! This is an important function which our business would benefit greatly from!

The first request for this was nearly two years ago.... Whats happening??



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Hello @Bellejayne


Thank you for your feedback. The normal process for an Idea posted on Ideas Exchange would go through a few stages. We would mark the post as "Under Consideration" and encourage users to vote and comment for this idea. If the idea does generate a number of votes and comments we mark it has high demand meaning we will investigate and attempt to implement that idea ahead of other ideas with lesser demand.


As of 08/07/2015 the idea exchange have had 67 ideas implemented from it and some of the ideas have been marked as Planned.


We currently don't have a timeframe as to when this is to be included in the program. However I would encourage other members of the MYOB Community to vote and comment if required. 

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I would really like to see this funtion made available.  


I have recently upgraded to AccountRight 2015.4 online purely to allow a virtual assistant to process orders and the likes completely online.  I've now realsed that without having a software based email program (which she doesn't) it's a very long winded process for her to get the documents from within MYOB out to clients. She has to send to disk in order to save and then email out... or in the case of a packing slip it's even more of a process, having to Print/Select another form/Select packing slip/Print/Print to PDF.  



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This would make a significant difference to my job.

Not sure why we can do it on email but not saving?

At the moment I have to email every invoice to myself on the customise forms and the resave them to disk and rename, thus quite time consuming.

Also If I Could Customise the name of the file at the time of Saving that would be great.


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I would like to suggest the following improvements for custom forms.


  • Allow us to choose a custom form when selecting "Send To" > "Disk" from a Quote/Invoice or Bill etc.
  • Improve the ability to include information that ONLY appears on the first/last/middle pages. This feature seems to be present - but I don't find it useful.
    Our situation is as follows: We have a header and footer, we only need the header to be shown on the first page, and we only need the footer to be shown on the last page. Any page that isn't the first or last page should have a different (smaller) header and footer, leaving more room for a bigger invoice table. Naturally if there is only one page - it needs both the large header and footer on it. It is also important to note that on each of these types of pages (first/last/middle) - the invoice table will be in a different position and will be a different size.
  • Allow Hyperlinks without having to display the full web address - eg. "click here to view our website", or making our logo into a hyperlink that takes the customer to our website.
  • Allow the use of dynamic information TOGETHER with standard text. eg: put a short message at the bottom of a quote saying something like: "Please contact your sales representative [Salesperson] to proceed with this quote. Thank you for your business". This would be particularly useful for directing the customer to a payment portal with a custom URL eg:[InvoiceNo]&Total=[Total]
  • Fix "Row Shading" when used with Borders. Currently enabling row shading on a table that uses visible borders looks really strange, because on the shaded rows the borders are obscured up by the shading. It would also be nice to be able to cusomise the row shading colour.
  • In Quotes/Invoices Bills etc we are able to insert a "Header" as a line item - it would be nice to be able to give this a custom font / size and make it bold etc. at the moment they appear in the exact same font/size etc. as the rest of the line items in the table.
  • I'm not quite sure how to explain this one - but anyone who has tried to change the column widths of a table will understand what I'm saying: Resizing the width of the columns in a table ALWAYS causes me much grief. Resizing one of the columns always ruins the rest, and often causes the table to look very lopsided.
  • Allow the "padding" of a table to be customisable. i.e. the tables always allow a small buffer area between the content and the table borders. Often I have found that this buffer is too large, and i would like to reduce this padding so that more can be fit into one line.

Thank you in advance for your consideration on the above suggestions. I am happy to elaborate on anything that is unclear.

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great suggestions - while the customise forms tool has been improved I still find it very clunky and fiddly to use.




- add a field for discounted unit price

- insert blank table (i.e not invoice or gst table) so to avoid haveing to draw in lines for extra info not in invoice table

- allow two page invoice to allow for terms and conditions to be emailed with each invoice

- I find the padding comment above particularly relevent for column headings

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Would also like to have added

- Contact details entered into card should transfer to form (eg it will show bring the mailing address from address 2 or 3 but still shows the phone no from address 1

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Definately required if the poor quality pdf issue can not be fixed. I use various custome invoices for a customer that they require at certain time, they have ascan system that rejects anything that is not set in their system. EVERY TIME I need to print to pdf I need to

1. cancel out of my sale

2. go into the customer card selling details

3. change both the  sale layout and printed from fields to the form i need

4. save that

5. go back to the sale 

6. send to dice

7. open the pdf to ensure the form is correct

8. then emeil the customer the invoice

9. go back into the customer card

10. change every thing back to the way it was so the others using the base form for that customer are nbot effected 


TIME TIME and TIME, Time costs MONEY!!!!

if this whole process does not happen and invoices get rejected i done get paid, they do not notify me, my accxounts team have to chase payment only to find the system rejected the poor quality invoice so we have to go over from the top. 


Staff time waisted, more of my time waisted, customers time waisted.