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Sales: Send to Disk (PDF) select form

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Would it be possible to make a form selection available when sending an invoice to disk as is possible in printing or emailing invoices


"Select customised forms when sending an invoice to disk"

Current Status: Done
Last Changed: July 2021

Hi Everyone

With the release of AccountRight 2021.4, users will be able to select the desired form when using the Send to Disk feature on invoices and purchases.

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71 votes over 8 years and a change that impacts thousands of users is made.

I wonder if it will take another 8 years to give the option to turn this feature off for the majority who did not want it!


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As it picks the default form you have set i dont see the issue of 1 click ok  for those whinginging about this update.!  

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This si the best feature you have implemented in along time.  


Previously i would have to email myself docvuments to get them in the format i needed to be able to save them to disk.  Has both stopped cloggin up my email server and having to rely on the slow MYOB email service.


Bravo MYOB, ignore the haters