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Sales: Time Billing - Work in Progress

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I need to be able add further hours to Time biiling invoices which are already saved.

The Work In Progress(WIP) button needs to be available in 2012 as it was in Version 19!


Or supply a solution to this if one is available in the current version, as I can't see a way.


Please work on getting this functionality back, as it is a necessity!



"Please put the WIP Button back on Time Billing invoices."

Current Status: Done
Last Changed: November 2017

Hi Everyone

Thank you for your showing your support for this idea.

I'm pleased to announce that as of AccountRight 2017.2 the WIP (Work in progress) button is now included in the Enter Sales window using a Time Billing layout.

To find out more information on obtaining AccountRight 2017.2 please see AccountRight 2017.2 now available.

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Another point - using headeres doesn't work if you want to show an hours figure.  You can only have info in the description column.

We need to be able to show hours without a '0.00' printing alongside it.

It has to be possible to allow a field to have either a number or nothing at all. 

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Yes need the WIP button back or another way to link pre paid orders to work that has been completed after the payment is made.  The work around of creating a $0 invoice for the payment then crediting that against the Time Billing Invoice works, however it is a lot more work.

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Bring back the WIP button. This is a joke for those of us who need this. I have just upgraded and hardly expected parts of the software to no longer be available. Most upgrades are just that; an upgrade. I feel ripped off that it's been removed. Bring it back please and quick!!
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Hi @Hides 


Welcome to the Community Forum and thanks for your feedback. I'm sorry that the new AccountRight hasn't met your expectations and I will share your comments with the team. Please note that the new AccountRight was built from scratch to accommodate online accounting so this element hasn't been removed, it just hasn't been added as yet. Thanks again for your comments, they will help the team understand the WIP button's importance to you and help prioritise their work for adding new functionality in the future. 


All the best,

Jason Hill
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My biggest challenge with accounting and accounting software is to keep all receipts and paper based documents organised. If I need to find a particular receipt or invoice it can be quite difficult as opposed to finding a transaction on MYOB which is always relatively easy.


It would be fantastic if there was a way to attach documents/ a file path to each transaction that leads back to a PDF of the original document.


Then all I would have to do is scan all of my Receipts, invoices, etc in through myob and they would always be searchable. Wouldn't that be great!





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Hi Kathrine, @GCDENTAL 

Welcome to the MYOB Community Forum.

Your idea is very popular but it has previously been suggested many times on the AccountRight Idea Exchange; please read, add your comments and vote on those existing ideas (assembled in lodgement date order - oldest to most recent) as follows:-

  1. suggestion:Accounting and scan software- MYOB accounting & Filing cabinet in one - suggested 19/9/2012 - 47 Votes
  2. Adding ability to attach file to purchases - suggested 24/1/2013 - 22 Votes
  3. Allow for PDF attachments to entries - suggested 2/3/2013 - 34 Votes
  4. scanned receipt and data entry into MYOB - suggested 30/12/2013 - 1 Vote

This idea therefore has a total of 104 votes and I cannot understand why it has not yet been implemented. Cat Mad


Please note that MYOB moderator @Liam_M  Liam_M on ‎03-06-2014 04:25 PM  incorrectly changed the status on # 3. (above) to Implemented on 3/6/2014.

The idea has not been implemented and as such is misleading and should be corrected ASAP.


Thank you.

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Hello @TonyLane 

Thank you for brining to my attention that the post listed above was marked as implemented in error. This has now been corrected.


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It would have been most helpful if instead of MYOB promoitng the new features of this product (things that I have lived without) that instead they listed the features that they have removed.... or in this instance... Not got around to incorperating yet! If I had realised that this program was going to be such a step back in time I would have held out!


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OMG Yes!! Please bring it back! I upgraded to the 2014.3 version to try and save time/cut down data entry and now my work takes me twice as long. It really wonder how much research and consideration the developers conducted before making the decision to removed it? So annoying!! Please, please, please bring it back. My Accountant has been pushing for us to change to Xero for a long time. Seriously considering it right now.

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Thanks for the feedback in regards to the AccountRight 2014.3 program and Working in Progress button.

I notice that you haven't voted for the idea. if you would like to show your support for an Idea on the AccountRight Ideas Exchange, I would recommend voting for the idea. You can vote for the idea using the Vote button on the left hand side next to the ideas name.