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Sales: Unique quote and invoice number sequences

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I noticed that MYOB allocates running numbers to all sales (quotes, Invoices, orders) rather than issuing aseparate sequence of numbers for quotes and Invoices.


My problem is that we normally create a quote and when the quote realises into sale we change it and I would expect it to have it's own numbering sequence. However at times we do also create direct Invoice and I noticed that when doing so MYOB assigns a running number to it irrelavant to whether the last number was assigned to quote or Invoice. In this way we have some missing numbers for Invoices.


Basically this is what I want:


1. We create a quote (let us say 0001)

2. When the quote changes to Invoice it should retain the same number for Invoice(0001) - this I assume is 

     possible from selecting this option from the set up menu. We normally also delete the quote after it realises

     to a sale.

3. When I create a second quote the number assigned to it will be 0002 (automatically). HOWEVER when I

    create a direct Invoice after this the number assigned to it should be 0002 as well since the first Invoice that

    changed from quote as in step 1 was 0001. However MYOB assigns the number 0003 to this Invoice, which

    means that the number 0002 will be missing from my Invoice sequence. It is possible that the quote I created

    with number 0002 in this step will never realise into a sale (and many such quotes will just remain as quotes

    only). In this way my Invoice numbering sequence will not make sense.


I hope I have made my problem clear? I need separate and independent auto numbering systems for quotes and Invoices, regardless of whether the quotes change into Invoices or Invoices will be created separately.


Any help here will be highly appreciated.






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One of my clients is using AccountEdge Network Edition, and they want to use both Invoices and Quotes.


How can we have the sequence numbers running seperatly for both. At present if you enter a direct invoice with invoice number 60001  and go to the quote you need to change this number from 60001 to your quote number 505, then if you do another invoice the number is set for 506 not 60002.


These are 2 seperate items and should have seperate sequence numbers.




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Quote numbers and invoice numbers need to be seperate sequences.  When doing a quote it should not affect the sequence of the invoice numbers.  They are 2 seperate things.  


Many quotes may not turn into invoices and then you have huge gaps in your invoicing sequence.  I know you can manually override however it is unreasonable and extremely time consuming to expect accounts staff to constantly be figuring out which invoice numbers are actually quotes and figuring out what invoice number should come next.


I have searched online and found many that have complained about this not being a feature in MYOB so I know I am not alone in wanting this.


If it is not possible to do this an option is to allow you to manually change quote numbers however when you go to do the next invoice it follows the invoice sequence NOT the manually changed quote number.  e.g The last invoice I have done is inv73568.  I go and do a quote and manually change the number to Q125.  If I was to go back to do an invoice it should automatically come up with 73569 NOT Q126.


Please look into adding this soon as a feature to MYOB.

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We would like to change from using an add-on program to using the quote facility in Accountright Premier V19.11.

We have established some issues with this and by reading other community posts it seems that these are not new or unique to us.

Some suggestions on our wish list to change the U.I. and screen layout are as follows;

Quote number should be independant from Invoice numbers

There should be a separate quote register

We should be able to enter a Job Name (not a column)

To recall a quote, we should be able to search by Quote number

To recall a quote we should be able to search by Job Name

We don't find a Purchase order number a relevant input at the quote stage

It would be nice to be able to view and print a Job Sheet (Sales Order) with relevant details showing, including cross referencing to supplier purchase order numbers for items ordered.

In our opinion, if MYOB are willing to develop the Quote module, the accounting package could be a user freindly and seamless Total Sales package.


Any thoughts, ideas or suggestions would be welcome :-)

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I agree. This absolutely has to be rectified now.

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Sanjay my friend, did you ever find a solution to your problem? 

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It has been a few years since this issue was raised and with all the upgrades over the years, the option is still not available.

With only half quotes being accepted, our sequence of invoice numbers are confusing so we are having to manually do quotes in another program.

Very frustrating.

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I also agree. Please implement this.

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It would be usefull for each tab to have rolling numbers used from that tab only, not across all tabs in the sales/purchase section.

Currently if you invoice, then add a quote it remembers the next rolling number from the invoice not the rolling number of the quote tab.

Likewise this also happens with Purchases - currently if you close off a purchase order from a month ago it starts using the next number from that one that was closed off, not the next rolling number.

This is a very frustrating feature that I pesronally like to see fixed or added as a new feature.

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I can't believe I have just moved from Quickbooks to MYOB and MYOB has this idiotic quote/invoice dilemma, I am now seriously regretting moving over.


MYOB, sort this out ASAP, quotes, orders, and invoices are all different and need to be numbered so.

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A quote is not an invoice and using the same numbering system is daft and disorderly.

It's incredible that MYOB don't get this most basic of requirements. It's been raised on this platform for years and completely ignored by MYOB. Can I take this opportunity to suggest you look at how this feature works in other accounting systems. Xero have it sorted from what I can see.

Please MYOB, make this an absolute priority