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Could we PLEASE have cards that use the whole screen space instead of me going cross eyed trying to read a tiny font in fields at the top of the screen while there's a tonne of blank screen real estate just going to waste.stupid myob screen.JPG


And before you say oh just use the browser version, it has bigger font -  the browser version of cards is missing a tonne of fields that we use in the desktop version every day, so we can't make the switch without losing functionality.

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Hi @SDuddy,


Thank you for your post. We appreciate you sharing your suggestions and feedback, and we apologize for not being able to respond right away. Having the font size increased to a larger size that will accommodate the spaces in AccountRight is a great idea. We also understand that this will make your work go smoothly. We will always strive hard to provide a seamless experience for our customers.


As we value you as our customer and always appreciate ideas/feedback, we'll relay this to the relevant team.


Your patience and understanding are greatly appreciated.