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Setup: Cross platform product

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Re-Brand / Re-Badge / Re-Work MYOB V19.10 to make it as a True Cross Platform desktop only product

Should not require much tweaking or twerking at R & D level to bring it to this stage

95% of the work has been done already

Sell the Product with BOTH installers in the box (Windows and Mac)

The demand is there!!!

There are a lot of customers who do not want / need their data (or their heads) in the cloud

If MYOB were to market this at a price-point (with limited or email only support) I beleive it's Sales would make it viable.

And you would cater for a lot of currently un-happy clients


"MYOB Desktop Software Windows and Mac"

Current Status: Done
Last Changed: January 2021

Hi Everyone

With the release of AccountRight 2020.4, users can access their online AccountRight files through a web browser interface. This will allow users to access their AccountRight information from a Windows PC, MAC, or mobile device.


Find out more about working with AccountRight in your browser.

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I recently called to ask if I can continue my existing subscription from PC to MAC and also if I could trnasfer my existing MYOB data file from the PC to MAC.


I was told on both accounts "No"

- So I'd have to purchase the MAC version of MYOB (frustrating but doable)

- I'd also have to manually re-enter all of my account data from my PC data file to the MAC (this is ridiculous in this day and age)


So I have opted not to buy the mac version and keep my PC as well as the MAC computers, just to run MYOB!


Maybe look at microsoft 365 where where you purchase 1 subscription and you can use it on up to 4 computers, MAC or PC or a combination.


The ideal scenario is that you purcahse MYOB (same prices), you are able to install on at least 2 devices (Desktop and Laptop) and you can export data between platforms.



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Hi @smart_my0b_1dea


Thank you for your idea in regards to converting to AccountEdge from AccountRight.

Currently as our MAC based software is a separate program with separate features and a separate database structure it does require another program to be purchased. In some cases MYOB can provide an crossgrade from the AccountRight programs which may reduce the cost of obtaining a similar program in the AccountEdge range.

Along with that AccountRight version 19 files can be transferred to AccountEdge. However once these have been upgraded to AccountEdge you are unable to transfer the company file back to AccountRight. 

I would encourage other users that would like to see a more freely transition between AccountRight and AccountEdge to vote and comment if required for this idea.

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My MYOB is 2013.3.15.5477, what are the steps I can take to bring it accross to MAC?


I also spoke to my accountant who is PC  based (as most are) and he is concerned about not being able to access the file under the Mac format.


This interchangeablity issue needs to be resolved. I think that if microsoft and adobe can make all of their applications work accross both platforms with different versions - there is no reason that MYOB cannot be done too. 


I really hop rthis gets solved soon as I don't want to have to keep an extra computer for the sake of one program.



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Hi there @smart_my0b_1dea,


Unfortunately, the option to bring your AccountRight v2013.3 company file over for use with an AccountEdge program will not be possible due to, as Steven has mentioned in his post above, them being entirely different products that have been built on entirely different platforms.


We have noted that a few clients have successfully used softwares such as Parallel in order to use AccountRight on a Mac. While this may be something you may choose to look into, please be aware that in the event that you encounter any issues and require technical support, we will be unable to assist as we do not recommend such a setup, and it has not been tried and tested by ourselves.


If you have any other queries, please do post them on The Community Forum, so that our moderators and partners will be able to better assist, and for the benefit of other clients who may be seeking answers for a similar question.




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Would definitely like to see a way to transition accross or move my data from PC to MAC. I have the same issue of having to keep my PC just for using MYOB which is extremely frustrating.


Thank you

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Would be such a big help being able to go from a PC to Mac as our management team are all on Macbooks and Admin team on PC's so makes it hard for the Management to review the Accounts etc. 

Thanks and hopefully it can happen!

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Hello @Daz7 and @Parker21


Thank you for your feedback in regards to the upgrade/cross grade path from MAC to PC. I have sheared your comments along with your suggestions to the product development team, to further investigate the possibilities of this happening in the future.


Kind regards,


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I sucessfully run the windows version on my MacBook using Parallels virtual machine software.  The downside is that you have to pay for a windows license but the solution works well.


Hope this helps.

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Just found out that as far as MYOB is concerned, the Cloud is only for PC's. If using Account Edge you cannot upload a file to the Cloud, nor can MYOB themselves convert a file to AccountRight to upload to the Cloud. Truly amazing in this day and age. I was told that if I wanted to use the Cloud with a Mac I would have to start a new data file online, with no history able to be uploaded. When I asked when MYOB was going to fix this problem, I was told they had no intention of doing so. Truly bizarre.

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Create an IPad App to allow owners full access to their Accountright Live site while out working.