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Setup: Cross platform product

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Re-Brand / Re-Badge / Re-Work MYOB V19.10 to make it as a True Cross Platform desktop only product

Should not require much tweaking or twerking at R & D level to bring it to this stage

95% of the work has been done already

Sell the Product with BOTH installers in the box (Windows and Mac)

The demand is there!!!

There are a lot of customers who do not want / need their data (or their heads) in the cloud

If MYOB were to market this at a price-point (with limited or email only support) I beleive it's Sales would make it viable.

And you would cater for a lot of currently un-happy clients


"MYOB Desktop Software Windows and Mac"

Current Status: Done
Last Changed: January 2021

Hi Everyone

With the release of AccountRight 2020.4, users can access their online AccountRight files through a web browser interface. This will allow users to access their AccountRight information from a Windows PC, MAC, or mobile device.


Find out more about working with AccountRight in your browser.

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About to travel overseas for more than 3 weeks and was hoping to just take the ipad.  But it looks like I will have to buy a small laptop to keep up with the paperwork.  The app that is available is one sided as it only allows processing of invoices receivable, not invoices payable - which is what i need most.  The build up in my inbox would be enormous if I didn't process them as and when I can.

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Bump, please vote for this idea please

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Want to add our support to this request please.  Most useful to us would be to access our stock figures from the ipad app

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I too would love to see this available. its good to be able to issue invoices on the go but it woudl also be great to be able to enter purchases that have been made and save copies of the invoices/receipts.

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Yes, I really need to be able to access payroll while travelling.  Myob On The Go, doesn't help me, wopuld love full access.

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This would be such a  good idea.  If our staff were able to have access  only to open predefined jobs and then put their times and parts in....i.e. fill in the activity slip then that would be so good.


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I have a client that currently has a subscription for AccountEdge V2016 as they use a Mac but the data file has not been upgraded and is still on AE V2013.


They would like to go to Accountright Live online and I understand that a migration of the data file may not be possible from Accountedge V2013 to Accountright Live 2017.1 as was advised to me from someone at MYOB support.


Are you able to assist with this request as there are say 3-4 users from different locations and they want to all be able to access the “one” live file and also have the benefit of bank feeds, pay super and in the future the One touch payroll feature?

Below is the response that I got from my MYOB partner manager which is not what I expected and does not suit what this client requires.


Unfortunately, it is not possible to migrate a file from AccountEdge to AccountRight Live.


The only two ways around this are:


  1. Setting up a blank AccountRight Live file and manually entering in the data (I am assuming your client has a Windows computer available to use this on)
  2. Migrate the file to Essentials – this can be used on any device and will give the functionality your client requires.

I'm hoping that a migration tool exists for someone who basically wants to go from a current Accountedge (MAC) version to the AR Plus online (PC) version as to me this seems like a "basic" request which should be albe to be carried out. 


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I am desperate from a time perspective to get functionality on my ipad I dont mind if its an app or web based option I just need to be able to pay bills, process payroll etc and do other things on the move.  We have waited forever to see if MYOB will get cracking and offer this within its accountright platform but Ive started looking at Xero transition instead as they most certainly do offer these options.

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Hello JKB @JKB


Unfortunately it is unlikely in the near future that this will be available on a Mac.

there are 2 options available -

1. change to using MYOB Essentials as this is browser based.

2. Use Team Viewer to connect to your PC Account Right 



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Hi @BartonJonesWine - install Parallels Desktop 13 - Business Edition on each of your Macs (it's the latest version).

They can then run any Windows application, including AccountRight - although MYOB has not yet certified it for AccountRight 2017/2018.

Cost is A$137.45 per Mac, per year (Business Edition). There'a a Server edition too.

Parallels has had over 4 m. downloads worldwide.


P.S. Live Accounts is now called MYOB Essentials - yes, it doesn't have Inventory (though it has Items for purchases or sales - handy for regular transactions)


Kym Yeoward, Darwin


cc: @David_Cree