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Setup: Filing cabinet for documents

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Our small business is currently trying to go paperless as much as possible. Any accounts received by email are received as a pdf and I transfer it into files for safe keeping. I started thinking wouldn't it be easy if you were able to scan the document from a scanner /or email and import the pdf and attach to customer file or invoice or receipt number etc thus allowing you to look in the one area for a copy of a document instead of two places. It would be time and cost effective and easy for  the accountant and the tax audit trail or is there something that does this all now and I am behind?


Trying to get beyond the pile of paper.




suggestion:Accounting and scan software- MYOB accounting & Filing cabinet in one"

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Last Changed: November 2018

Hi Everyone


Thank you for your comments and voting for this idea.

With the release of AccountRight 2018.4.1, we are excited to announce the ability to upload and attach documents to Spend Money transactions and cards. This is also in addition to the AccountRight In Tray.

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Hi Maree, Its an interesting idea, I'm sure many of us want to use less paper and I agree that it would be helpful for accountants. It would be great to hear from others about this idea, and don't forget to vote on this if you like it.
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I agree that this would be a good feature. Especially being able to save a scanned copy of an accounts payable invoice when you enter the invoice. Interstingly I know that Xero already has this feature on accounts payable invoices.

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I have been doing alot of research on this.  Well just googling really Smiley Happy.  i am very very keen to go paperless in our manufacturing business.  The paper is just so overwhelming.  I see that MYOB has a product called "document Manager".  It looks like the way to go but sadly only for accountants.  Do I have that information correct or can anyone buy it?

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MYOB Document Manager has been specifically designed for Accountants in practice to match their workflows and common tasks.  Having said that, it is certainly feasible that a non accounting firm could use Document Manager to aid them in going paperless, however the features would need to be accessed as to whether they meet your specific requirements.  I would suggest contacting to speak to someone and see if the product is a fit for your business.

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This would be great  to assist in going paperless. I could see this helping with quotes and invoicing jobs as well as tracking projects.


I also think this could go further to assist with work flow.


The majority of my suppliers email invoices , which then need to manually entered into purchases.


I believe that this data entry could be reduced by importing CSV files into MYOB from the major suppliers.

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I am very keen to see a facility of this sort implemented.


It makes a lot of sense to have a partition or directory created that creates a permanent link to your main MYOB data file (not like the payroll box file that always gets un-synched) and for your scanned creditors invoices to be fully drillable from within MYOB.


Other software companies offer this already and whilst it forms part of a major document management function, going paperless but keeping digital copies of each invoice makes a lot of sense.





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The ability to scan purchase invoices and other documents directly into the program would be really usefull. So you can retrieve and view any particular purchase invoice at any time without having to go and hunt through the mounds of paper copies filed.


As well as using MYOB for business I also use Reckon Personal Plus for my personal accounting which has this facility already and has had for a number of years.


PLEASE, PLEASE consider this for a update





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Graham- Fantastic idea. Would be so much better if that could happen.

Well done



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Hi Bengen,


Thanks for your feedback. To vote for the idea, please click on the Purple + Vote button next to the subject of the idea.


All the best,

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Great idea Graham


I can remember years (about 40) ago when they first of all talked about computers for a very forward thinking company I worked for as an Accountant, of scanning all the mail as it came in the front door into a computer and instead of the hard copy of the mail including invoices being distributed manually throughout the office and filed it would be disseminated to heads of Department by computer - and of course we would have less paper.