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Setup: Filing cabinet for documents

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Our small business is currently trying to go paperless as much as possible. Any accounts received by email are received as a pdf and I transfer it into files for safe keeping. I started thinking wouldn't it be easy if you were able to scan the document from a scanner /or email and import the pdf and attach to customer file or invoice or receipt number etc thus allowing you to look in the one area for a copy of a document instead of two places. It would be time and cost effective and easy for  the accountant and the tax audit trail or is there something that does this all now and I am behind?


Trying to get beyond the pile of paper.




suggestion:Accounting and scan software- MYOB accounting & Filing cabinet in one"

Current Status: Done
Last Changed: November 2018

Hi Everyone


Thank you for your comments and voting for this idea.

With the release of AccountRight 2018.4.1, we are excited to announce the ability to upload and attach documents to Spend Money transactions and cards. This is also in addition to the AccountRight In Tray.

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When considering how "attaching of receipts to invoices etc" will work, I know it is possible to have a hyperlink of sorts that links to the document regardless if the document is subsequently moved (if it is deleted of course that will not work then) . We call  them "smartlinks" - food for thought for the programmers. I this this in an important consideration when developing this feature.

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Whatever approach is used (inside or outside Accountright) it needs to be a read only feature so files cannot be moved/deleted (or with proper security to prevent unintended actions), and in a place that can easily be backed up and shared/accessed by different users. This is especially important if it is the only copy clients are going to keep.


The ability to access them from a remote location would also be terrific, especially for us accountants who are using Accountright live to access the database.


The ability to take a photo on your phone and attach it would be terrific - perhaps in a later version the ability to then scan/email a document/photo to a dedicated email address and have Accountright monitor it (a bit like MYOB PDF Manager's watchfolder) and have it available for import in Accountright the next time you open it would be the ultimate.

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When this is implemented - and the sooner the better - PLEASE......... Please make sure that there is room for many attachments. I work in the construction industry and no invoice gets paid unless it has the work docket signed on site by the foreman attached to it. Our invoices are for daily hire and they sometimes have up to 12 dockets (one for each day) attached to them when we send them. We have started to do this online but at the moment it means exporting the invoice from MYOB then sending a new email to the client attaching the invoice, all of the dockets and then in many cases copies of our subctractors statements (evidence of our insurances).




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It would be fantastic to be able to scan supporting documents that our debtors require and attach them to MYOB invoices in the program and then email from the program. This will also mean that the supporting documents are attached to the debtors and available when a query arise. 


At the moment we have to print the invoice out and scan seperately.

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Most definitely, we need this. Being able to attach a scanned invoice to a Spend Money or Purchase document is becoming essential. Newer accounting systems such as Xero do this - MYOB should be able to do it too. Additionally, a checkmark indicator on various reports (GST, for example) should show that receipt has been lodged or is missing.
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Hi Marnruss, we're happy to let you know this feature has been planned for release for all products in the AccountRight Live range.
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Agree 100% - we do the exact same thing and have discussed going paperless also - our biggest issue with this is the fear of losing copies of invoices etc. and double handling is a constant issue for us as we need ALL invoices scanned due to our procedures anyway.

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For Receipts


A mobile App Andriod/Apple that has the ability to take a picture of receipts and import into myob


The app would auto crop the picture import and store in the cloud or on local pc


and then the ability to allocate the receipt directly into myob or to a pending area for a bookkeeper to check ? Similar to a bank feed


The App would ask a few simple questions where you fill in the blanks


How you paid ? i.e. Credit Card, cash etc (Have the ability to only allow certain payment methods)




Auto Fill Description? i.e. Woolworths Petrol (Have it remember previous descriptions to reduce data entry)


Select Expense Type? I.e. Fuel (From a drop down box)


Based on Expense Type it would select the appropriate expence account pre determined by the bookkeeper/accountant/business owner.


Where its not in the list they would select "Other" and Enter a expense description, It would need to be "Approved" by the Bookkeeper/owner who would allocate the correct expence account and once approved it would appear in the list for staff to use.


For Invoices


Have the ability to enable a prompt when entering supplier invoices that it will ask for it to be scanned


This could be from a picture from a mobile device like the above description


or a


Scan from a Scanner/MFD


Or by attaching a ecopy of the invoice that you already have.





For both options above Receipts and invoices, have the ability to generate a list that highlights receipts/invoices that dont have a pdf copy linked so it can be fixed








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Greetings MYOB; I good process improvemnt would be to be able to attach a scanned document  or a word/ xl document to an entry during the approval process from bank feeds.

This would save heaps of paper files and give exacting records for IRD purposes.


Can you please give me feedback re this please.


 I note the oppostion ( Xero) has this facilty.

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 I would like to to have the funtion to be able to attach scanned documemts to enteries.

i dont like the idea of a link to a sperate file of scanned docs.

Its all to do with security of records for da IRD,

an attachmnet is better than a link to another file. dat way total package of transactions & supporting paper qwork are all toghter and stored in da cloud.

 we can then do a back up from da cloud in keeping with Best practice.