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Spend Money/Receive Money: Ability to Insert/Delete Rows (General Journals)





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It would be really useful if MYOB had the ability to insert rows in Spend Money/Receive Money/General Journals transactions (you can do it in purchase/sales invoices) – it is extremely frustrating when something has been entered and a line is missing, you then need to redo a section of the journal if you want it in a particular order (or especially with recurring journals that may slightly change from month to month and you want to insert a line, but not at the bottom). 


This would be easily overcome with the ability to insert lines in these types of transactions.  What do other people think or am I the only one that wants the order of line items to be in a specific order?

"Ability to Insert/Delete rows in Spend/Receive Money and General Journals"

Current Status: Open
Last Changed: December 2012

This is a great idea and one we will consider for a future update. If others think this would be a valuable feature please vote for it as it will help us prioritise our work.

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This suggestion has been around for a long time and ties in with the really annoying feature of Spend Money that as soon as you hit either Tab or Enter a new transaction line is generated and it takes multiple key clicks to go back to where you were.

I seriously wish MYOB would attend to these annoyances. 132 votes is a relatively high vote compared with the support for many of the other suggestions.


"Ability to Insert/Delete rows in Spend/Receive Money and General Journals"

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I notice this is still open. Is there any update on whether these changes are going to be made to the software?