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Spend Money: Remove the warning for Pay Bill transactions (when supplier is selected)





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Hi, one of the more annoying features that I find is when MYOB wants to persistently warn me when I make a Spend Money entry that perhaps I should be using Purchases for this entry when this is not so.  This annoying little warning holds me up every time.


Thanks Debbie


"Remove or provide an option to remove the warnings for Purchase Entries"


If the cheque you are entering is a payment for a purchase that you have recorded, you should be using "Pay Bills" instead of "Spend Money"



Current Status: Open
Last Changed: October 2014

Thanks for the great suggestion @DebTraj .Anyone who would like and opion to disable or hide pop-up warnings please cast your vote here. Please comment stating which warnings you would like to be able to disable.

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Thanks for the great suggestion @DebTraj .Anyone who would like and opion to disable or hide pop-up warnings please cast your vote here. Please comment stating which warnings you would like to be able to disable.

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Yes, I would like the option to disable the warning amentioned by Deb 

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I agree.  Some pop up messages about the general ledger codes being used should also be disabled. eg using an income code when keying a payment or visa versa

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Thank you for your comments, @Sue0908. Can I also request you to take a moment to click on the +Vote button at the top left hand side of the name of the Idea to show your support for the Idea. We request others who would like to have an option to prevent pop up warning messages to please vote for the Idea.

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Would you please give users some way of turning off warning messages, especially the following.... 


If the deposit you are entereing is a payment for a sale that you have recorded, you should be using "Receive Payments" instead of "Receive Money.


We use Spend  Money extensively as a simple effective way to record bills and payments on the one screen and almost never record bills for subsequent payment. It is most annoying to receive this nanny message EVERY TIME we are recording payments, especially when we are recording up to 50 entries at a time.


I imagine most MYOB users are reasonably educated mature sensible people who don't appreciate being treated like half-wits, which is the message these warnings convey.

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I would like to completely agree, and not with the reference to half-wits, but it is important that users do understand the difference between Spend Money and Pay Bill.  They get it wrong more often than you think and throw out their Trade Debtors and Trade Creditors ledgers.


I train MYOB on a regular basis and it is a common mistake, particularly for new or irregular users. 


I do however agree that there should be a button that then says "I've got it" and this would set a Preference so it does not appear for the avid user like us.  As a defualt, it should be turned off until they get it. Prederence should not be [System-wide]

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I agree with VickiS in that this type of change could be a Preference option that Advanced Users could select/deselect as required.

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Hi @BecksE


Thank you for your feedback in regards to this idea.

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Totally agree with the annoying pop-up warnings - for me though, it's especially the one that appears when making 'electronic payments' when it continuously warns to check the BSB & account numbers - please remove that one too

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Has this issue been resolved yet?  I've just come back from materinity leave to find this annoying pop-up every time I create a "spend money" transaction.  We use MYOB very basically, hence the reason we haven't upgraded to online MYOB.  This little pop-up is hugely inconvenient and after searching google, this seems to be the only discussion or help page that directly discusses the issue.  

Help Please!!