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Statements: Add option to preview before printing/emailing

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Idea Name: Add Preview option to Print/Email Statements Screen

Idea Text: Please add a Preview option to the Print/Email Statements screen, so that I can view a statement on the computer without printing it


"Add preview option to the print/email statements screen"

Current Status: Open
Last Changed: December 2013

Thanks for the great idea SimonNZ. Being able to view the statement before it's printed or emailed could certainly help with checking data entry and data validation before submitting to your client. We would love to hear what others think about this.

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It would be handy to be able to preview statements before printing or emailing.

I now print all the statements and check them and if they are wrong I have to amend and then reprint. I then scan to email them as there is no option of being able to view statements prior to print/email.

A waste of time for our company and resources.

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This function would save a lot of time, prior to printing, but also to check overpayments etc, when a customer has overpaid etc.