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Statements: Add option to preview before printing/emailing

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New Zealand


Idea Name: Add Preview option to Print/Email Statements Screen

Idea Text: Please add a Preview option to the Print/Email Statements screen, so that I can view a statement on the computer without printing it


"Add preview option to the print/email statements screen"

Current Status: Open
Last Changed: December 2013

Thanks for the great idea SimonNZ. Being able to view the statement before it's printed or emailed could certainly help with checking data entry and data validation before submitting to your client. We would love to hear what others think about this.

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Hi @Sharpie_


Thank you for your feedback in regards to AccountRight and previewing of Statements. 

I've merged your idea with this already included Idea on the AccountRight Idea Exchange

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Hi there, just reading comments and have noticed that this idea was presented back in 2012 and it is now 2016 and still no option to preview the Statements.

Not great for our customers or MYOB's, this is so frustrating not to mention it makes us look unprofessional when sending out incorrect Statements.


Please, please, please sort this.  Pretty Please?


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It was four years yesterday since SimonNZ suggested this fix...thousands and thousands of statements have been sent out since. 


It shouldn't still be under consideration.


MYOB Live is about saving paper and costs.. even if you need to print one statement a month to check the statement is printing all the fields correctly - because occasionally they do not -  is a cost.


There is also a need to be able to save the PDF so it can be sent as an attachment as some people, especially those who only use their IPads, struggle to open the version sent from MYOB.


Come on boffins! Get your act together and get this done!



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This would be a verry useful tool.

Equally when emailing, it would be nice if the email is added to drafts & not sent automatically, so that you can add additional info in the email if necessary.

@SimonNZ wrote:


Idea Name: Add Preview option to Print/Email Statements Screen

Idea Text: Please add a Preview option to the Print/Email Statements screen, so that I can view a statement on the computer without printing it


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Yes please I Need preview Statements  urgently.

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This would certainly make life alot easier to review end of month statements. Much need feature please

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 Desperate for a 'Preview statement before email' option.

Such an important document is being emailed out without being checked.

Please MYOB, I (we) need an option to preview a statement before emailing. It's such a waste of time having to email statement to myself or print each one to check before emailing

Thank you

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I would like to preview customer statements, in the same way I can preview invoices.  At the moment i have to email them to myself to preview.


Also I would like to be able to see the invoice amount in both the receive payments and pay bills screens for closed sales/purchases.  At the moment, once they are closed and you click on include closed sales/purchases, you can only see the invoice number and the date, the amount, discount, owed and applied columns are all zero, so I have to open it.  I need this feature regularly, for example when customers pay invoices twice.

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Hi @Alexaaa


Welcome to the MYOB Community Forum, I hope you find it a great source of information.


I have moved your post to our AccountRight Idea's exchange so that this can be reviewed by our Product Team. I strongly suggest any other User who would like to see this ability to vote on it by clicking the Thumbs up icon.


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This is a must have!!!!!!!!