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Statements: Include orders

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We run a manufacturing business that deals with imported goods. From time to time, we receive items from overseas, and on-sell them, prior to receiving an invoice from an overseas supplier. 


If the supplier is delayed getting a final invoice to us, it can be up to 2 months before we are able to 'receive the goods' at their correct value, and then set any relevant sales marked 'order' to 'invoice'.


However, we still need to be able to send statements at the end of each month showing sales in both the 'order' and 'invoice' category. 


Can this functionality be added as a check box? So that those in a similar position can tick 'yes', while those unaffected by this issue can leave unticked.






"AccountRight Live: ability to include sales that are set to 'order' (rather than 'invoice') in a customers statement."