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Timesheets: Populate linked customer from job

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We have a lot of repeat clients with multiple projects/jobs & some projects with multiple clients.


We have recently started using timebilling & job lists, and are surprised by the way the program behaves.

I would expect once assigning a linked customer to a job, when we are entering our timesheets and selecting a job number, the customer would auto populate with the "Linked customer" from the job.


Currently MYOB doesn't do this, the jobs "linked customer" is purely for reporting purposes. However if it the job "linked customer" & the Time sheet customer were linked (ie the same) the time taken to enter our  timesheets  and the number of errors of allocating work to the wrong customer would be greatly reduced.


We are also looking into importing timesheets, & this data connection would eliminate the error of incorrectly billing customers by entering the wrong customer on their timesheets.


"Connecting Jobs list customers to timesheets customers"

Current Status: Open
Last Changed: September 2014

Hi @45left

Thanks for your feedback in regards to the AccountRight Live program.

The "Linked Customer" option for an activity is used for tracking reimbursable. This is so it can track the reimbursements of the job to the relevant customer.  Its not just a reportable field it does have a key function in the program. For more information please see Reimbursable expense I assuming from your idea you wish for the linked customer to have additional features such as being able to have that customer appear as default for activities on timesheets and activity slips. 

I would encourage other members of the MYOB Community that would like to see the linked customer play more of a entering of timesheets and activity slips to vote and comment for the idea if required.

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This basic feature needs to be enabled if job tracking is to remain a feature of MYOB accountright

I would support this autofill of customer as it is our sole reason to not use MYOB timesheets and look elsewhere for a solution

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When entering a timesheet, there is a customer field. If a job number has a linked customer in the job list, then when entering the Timesheet and a job number is selected, the Linked Customer should automatically appear based on the linked customer in the job list. This field could also be an open field to overwrite in case the customer needs to be changed.


If other businesses agree this report would be useful, please Like/Agree/Vote with this post, and hopefully MYOB will add this in future updates.

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This problem of linking the Customer to the Job number appears to be dated back some time now.  Has any progress been made to implement?

We are just starting to contemplate using Timsheets but having staff select a Customer is unrealistic since most only know the Job number. In addition all our Customers and their Current Balance become visable to all staff in the drop down box.  Some Projects are confidential and should not be visable to all staff.

Is there any way around this Please.

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This is a big issue for us.  We have hundreds of Customers and staff do not necessarily know who the Customer is, especially since some Customers have different Business names to invoice such as a Trust Fund. Having the link work to the Job number would be much better.