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User Access: Delete users

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Instead of having an ever growing list of inactive users, could we please be given the option to delete users.  At present if a user id has been used to log in, even if the user has not made any transactions, the user cannot be deleted.


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Once Users have been setup and had transactions associated with them, they can only be turned Inactive , Not Deleted. Is there going to be an option in the future to have this changed, i.e. having the option to delete obsolete users  when rolling the file over etc


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Thank you for your post, @LFW02. I understand that you would prefer to delete obsolete User IDs, rather than mark them as Inactive. The reason for the system preventing the User IDs with transactions from being deleted would be to enable audit trails. Your recommendation has been passed on to our Developers for consideration in a future release. We do request others who would like similar changes to please vote and comment on this post.