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User Access: See who is currently in the file - active workstations




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  1. Could MYOB Tech guys please set up a function where the Administrator can see who is actually online using the data file?  Or is there a way to see that now? 


"Users Online"


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Last Changed: October 2013

Thanks for the suggestion Kathavachat. Any other users interested in this, please vote for this idea.

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Thank you for your feedback, @Kelly81. Your feedback and that of others on this Idea post have been passed on to our developers. We can certainly see the benefit in being able to see a list of all currently logged in users in a file. We will provide an update as soon as available. In the meantime we encourage others who would like to see a list of Active Users to please add your votes to the Idea.

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Yes please - definately - it would make things so much easier.

I use this in the Premier version all the time.


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I have voted for this idea and would like to add some further discussion.


In MYOB ARL, as far as I undestand the following 3 actions are best done locally by taking your file offline, carrying out the task and then putting your file back online.


1. Importing/Exporting.

2. Backing up your company file

3. Rolling financial years


And because these actions are best done by signing the company file out and because I have 3 people that constantly use the file from 3 different suburbs, I need to know who is in the file at all times like the old "Active Workstations."


As other posters have mentioned currently this involves either phoning/emailing around to get thoses users out of the file or planning ahead and forbidding users to use MYOB at certain times when these offline tasks need to be carried out.


Of course having to carry out those 3 tasks offline kills the cloud vibe, but I'm guessing MYOB will never be able to solve that in ARL. However, phoning/emailing around which also kills the cloud vibe is totally avoidable.


I appreciate MYOB considering this. It would be a good feature to have for EOFY.

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Hi @gindi


Thanks for voting and commenting on this idea.  I have shared your comments with the team.

While AccountRight 2015 can complete the tasks mentioned in the cloud it can take a strain on the database and connection. This is particularly true if you have a larger company file or a slower connection. As you have mentioned if you are experiencing connection errors while doing the following tasks we first recommend that you ether check out the file or backup and restore it to the local machine first (obviously not possible if you can't backup).  This way we can rule out the computer's connection to the cloud being a possible issue and therefore can investigate further.


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With the older versions of MYOB eg Premier and AR Plus when you had to complete a task that needed to have all users out of the system you could easily check who was logged in and then log in as a single user to ensure the integrity of what you are doing.  Now there is no way to check or ensure that you are the only user.  I find it interesting that MYOB poses the question but gives no way to confirm this.  Short of running around the building and checking everyone's pc to make sure everyone is logged out and then hope that by the time you get back to your desk nobody has logged in seems somewhat of a large oversight.  This is an important function and hope this can be rectified.


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The absence of this feature really is an unfortunate downfall of this version of MYOB.


Its restoration would certainly facilitate the function of our business which operates across multiple offices, and we hope to see it reinstated soon.

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Could we please have the "Active Workstations" bought back - is very useful when trying to determine who is in the file when you want to backup/roll over.

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Is there some other way to see who is in session and live other than running a report? I miss the 'Active workstations' command sitting in the File menu in the older versions.

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when using Accountright on the cloud so that any number of users could be anywhere in the world it would be useful to know who is on line. this is particularly important during backup and end of year rollover.

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Hi, There is a report which provides this info. Session Secuity Audit report in the accounts list of reports, its not a perfect solution but it is there.