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Customer statements: Date (range) selection




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There is no way to select a Date range for the Statements in MYOB Essentials


There is no way to choose between Activity or Invoice type Statements in MYOB Essentiasls


"Statement Date in MYOB Essentials"

Current Status: Done
Last Changed: June 2022

Hi Everyone

Statements in the newer MYOB Essentials platform allow users to select the Statement type for Invoice or Activity. If the Statement type Activity is selected, the user would get a date range to select the period of activity from and to. 


Check out Customer statements for more information on generating statements.

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Could there be an option to select a date range to apply to print/email statements?  I only send out statements if invoices are unpaid after 30 days, but I can't tell which customers this applies to on the existing statement screen.





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Hi @justin2011


Thank you for your idea in regards to MYOB Essentials and statements.

Currently statements in Essentials are invoice based designed to show you the invoices and the payments relating to that particular invoice based on today's date.  I would encourage other users that would like the ability to select a date for Statements and to have a statement based on the activity of the  customer's card to vote and comment if required for this idea.

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I am unable to print customer statements for a selected month. If I don't catch it on the last day of the month it captures all invoices issued after the end of the month. Customer service tells me that I am unable to select a month as the feature is not available. It makes it difficult if the last day of the month falls on a weekend.

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Screenshot (80).png

Maybe this would help out 
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I find it very frustrating to try to remember to create invoices on a specific date Ii.e. end of month) rather than selecting a date range and to have the activity show, rather than just the invoices.


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GIven cleints do some invoices on the days after the end of the month - but dated as end of month, as they pertain to that month, they need the ability to be able to select a statement date.  Please seriously look at this as it something to bring in, as it will make a difference as to future recommendations I make to those clients that want invoicing.

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Being able to customise the dates of statements and have a due date in them would be great.

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I would liek to be able to print historical statements for my overdues accounts

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This hasn't been solved for MYOB Essentials.  Please guys add this feature.


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Hi MYOB Team,


Do you have an update on when this update will be released so we are able to select dates to show the statement activity for transactions.