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In-Product Messaging: Banner to alert user about Accountant/Accountant Office changes

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When accountants are working through a job in Client Accounting, we often collate a list of queries or source documents that are needed to complete the job at year end.

This is typically then emailed to the client, then the client forwards to the bookkeeper to get the response / documents.


We should be able to publish these "Year End Queries" directly from Client Accounting Workpapers into the MYOB Essentials File.  It should appear as a banner when they log in, the same as what is used when MYOB make announcements that appear in the Essentials file when you log in.


I think this would be a better way to direct your queries as it goes to the bookkeeper / owner or whoever is responsible for the Essentials file directly and they see it everytime they log in.  The could upload the required information directly into the Essentials file which would then feed back down into the Client Accounting workpapers tab in AO where the query began.


"Accountants Year End Query LIst"

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It would be very useful to be able to turn on/off notifications of accountant and/or advisors access to our data file.  One notification when logging in and time, then one when logging out and time and with total time spent.