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Payroll: (New Zealand) Annual leave accrued since anniversary




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New Zealand

I would like to see MYOB essentials updated so we can show Annual Leave available and Annual leave accrued - or even better a total leave available, on the payslips. I understand the premise of not having leave until youve worked a year, but staff don't - no matter how much i explain it.


 "Annual Leave Accrued Since Anniversary - New Zealand Version"

Current Status: Done
Last Changed: March 2017

Hi Everyone

MYOB Essentials for New Zealand will now show the "Current balance available" and "Current balance accuring" from the employee's leave tab on payslips. This is in addition to the Sick leave available hours - if you have the Payroll>>Payslip setting "Show personal leave entitlement on payslip" enabled.


For example:

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This is already available.
In the employee file, go to the Leave tab and select annual leave, fill in teh fields and voila. 

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Thanks for your suggestion. Anyone else who would like to be able to see leave accrued during the current year on payslips in the New Zealand version of MYOB Essentials, please cast your vote here. Please also comment letting us know how you'd like to see this leave.


For instance would you like to see holiday pay accrued since last anniversary in hours, as a dollar amount, or would you like the option to do either?

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Yes I have many clients who would like to see the leave hours accrued since aniversary date on their employees payslips.

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Hello @Brodstar 

Thank you for your vote and comment on Essentials to display hours since last anniversary.


I encourage anyone else out there that would like to see this in New Zealand Essentials to vote and comment also. 

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Yes please, it would be much appreciated if our staff could see their 'Total Leave Available' on their payslips so they don't have to keep asking!!! Please make it happen Smiley Happy


Not sure about having the 'holiday pay accrued' on the payslips but it would be great if we could have the option as to what we want to show on the payslips (like you do in the 'Accumulator' tab to show sick leave, time in lieu, bereavement leave etc...on the payslip)

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 Hi @Traci_M 

Thank you for your feedback in regards to this idea.

Along with commenting for an idea you can show your support by voting. To vote for an idea on the Essentials Idea Exchange select the + Vote button to the left of the idea's name.

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This original post was done a year ago.  Has anything been done about it yet or is it still under consideration?  I have just had the same query from employees.

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Hello @shoretee


Currently it is still under consideration, the developers are always interested how we can make Essentials more user friendly and with more enhancements. Our developers prioritise changes and fixes based on a number of factors, such as the impact of the issue, the number of people affected, and the time it would take to resolve the issue. 


I encourage all users that would like to see total leave available in Essentials to please vote and comment. 

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I would like to see this added to the payslips as well (I have voted).  I think having the option of choosing hours available or even having it in the number of days accrued would be good.  This is what would make sense to people when they are attempting to plan for holidays etc.


It would decrease the number of enquiries as to how much leave a particular employee has.  It would all be available on the payslip they receive each week.


This was one of the first things I noticed when I started using payroll in MYOB that the leave balances weren't readily available for the employee.  Adding the accrued leave would be a great addition.




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Oh and one more thing.... the annual leave balances are all in hours yet all other leave entitlements are in days.  It would be good to keep this consistent.  My vote is for days as opposed to hours.