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Templates: Allow adding or deleting of columns

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Please bring back the Invocie customisation., Allow the clients to play with what colummns they want or not. GIve them mor eoptions to customise.

Brign back the Notes saved for all invoices. 



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For example in the invoice template Service/Item the unit type column is placed before the unit amount column with a large space in between by default

e.g. hour         1


It should be the other way around e.g. 1 hour. 

Customisation of the column placement would fix this.

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Very frustrating.  I am setting up the invoice template.  We are a very small business and don't charge GST so I have selected this option.  When creating the MYOB Business Lite invoice it shows the heading Unit Price $Including Tax and then the heading Amount $Including Tax.  While the entries under the heading Tax show N-T.  This is very confusing to the customer.  In 2 columns the invoice states that the amounts are including tax and in one column and in the totals boxes the invoice indicates zero tax.  Surely, if I have selected that we don't charge GST those columns should be subnoted something like No Tax or the subnoted just not be there.


This goes in the same bag as including a discount column when no discount is offered. 


I feel that we users should be able to customise the invoices to a greater extent.


I have only had MYOB for 2 weeks and only looked at Invoice Templates and I'm already scratching my head and thinking of changing to another product.


Changes really shouldn't be instigated by the number of negative comments on a forum.  They should be implimented based on a common sense approach.



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Ability to edit the text within the template would also be helpful. Seems rigid that you can't even edit the wording or layout.

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I dont have a need for some of the columns so would love the option to delete these and customise the invoice layout.

Example would be we dont ship items so i dont have a need for this section and it would free up space on the invoice to make other items larger.

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Recent changes to the MYOB Essentials Template for Invoices has a contradiction for GST Free services.

The invoice headings show (Tax Inc), ($Amount Tax Inc), (Total Amount Tax Inc).  This is causing confusing for 

Accounts Departments in organisations.  This has also resulted in invoices not being paid.



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Would love to be able to add a Date column for services rendered over multiple days on one invoice. Surely this is a basics requirement? Other software  has this option. This will be the #1 reason for me to change to different software. It makes no sense to not have some form of customisation of invoice displayed.

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With the new update only 1 of these coloums are now applicable to my business. I am a tradesperson, so freight and discount are not applicable to me and my business. 


It is ridiclous I can no longer customise this templet for my individual needs. Isn't this the whole purpose of your software. I also waited in the queue for more than 4.5 hours to be told that there is nothing to be done except to put in a suggestion?


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I just joined up and have found that a accounting software online has only ONE TEMPLATE - and all can do is add a header, can not choose fonts, colum widths, can not move items around, cant add footer graphics or even remove unwanted elements - so all businesses invoice will look the same boring template. Having a nice designed invoice template helps businesses with credability.
Or how about allowing us to choose from a bunch of well designed templates even.

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I would like the invoice template to be able to be customised more - ie. larger font size to assist the delivery driver.

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I run a small business and signed up with MYOB to save time, especially on invoicing and it does not do this. As per above, being able to customise the invoice is important the the professionalism and efficiency of the business. The services template isn't much better than a Word or Excel invoice (other than the accounting part) with a text section account and then I still need to use a calculator, and copy and paste my service options and manually in my service date. The item option has way too much on it and makes it confusing, I expected customisation to be a standard option. I am very strongly considering swapping to another software and paying more simply for this option alone. As it appears this issue has been going on for 2 years and has not changed. 


Changes needed to be useful


Option to add

- Service date

- Service times (auto calculator for rates here would be great)


Option to remove


- Discount

- Item ID