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At the moment we have to raise 2 lots of invoices in MYOB. For one part of the busness that uses another logo and template we raise it in MYOB for our records, but then need to duplicate it in another program and then send it. It would be good if MYOB allowed you to set up 2 templates (one for each type of business/logo) and then when raising and sending the invoice allow you to choose the template you wish to send it with. While we like MYOB we are at the point where we think it will be easy to go back to our previous system as this doubles the amount of time we spend on one side of the business adminisration of invoicing.


Would save a lot of work.


"1 business name, 2 different logos - 2 invoice templates"

Current Status: Open
Last Changed: March 2015

Hello @AJ1 


Thank you for your suggestion, we're always looking to improve workflow in Essentials and would be happy to consider the option to change between the customised invoices.


We encourage any other users that require this feature to comment and vote.


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Hi @IanChait 

But you can't select Print/Email invoices at the end of the day and print/email ALL invoices for the day as it doesn't use the template assigned to the customer's card it uses the default assigned whatever is set against Advanced Filters.

It would be a great option to use the card default when printing / emailing in bulk

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My client trades two different businesses under the same ABN and needs different invoices with different bank account details on each.  Please please can we have this ability soon in Essentials Business!!

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This has been a requested feature for so long. Even this request dates back to 2015. Are there any plan to implement this feature?


Many Thanks!


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As a bookkeeper I have a few small businesses that are under a trust but run 2 husband and wife businesses.  All they would like separated is the invoices also.  So for them they trade under their own identifiable business names / different logos / different bank account details.  I would love to be able to set up a different invoice template for their second business.  Its one trust so everything else for the accountant is fine as it stands its just the invoice conundrum.  Thanks Deb 

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i also need two temlates  invoice my same ABN busness please let me know when Myob add this future 

Thank you



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Allow multiple Sales templates in New Essentials for clients with more than 1 business in the one file

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How can i get different template for invoicing. (2 on offer). I need to change the font size etc.. and also like a date instead of item. How ? I am on essential accounting...

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Hello, has there been any update on this feature for the Business Essentials plan?

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I totally agree, I have to switch logos each time, and it also sends from the wrong email address too (I have a different email address for each entity I use), though I see it allows you to save the bit where the text colour is changeable and the buttons where you can hide no email etc.