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MYOB Teams - rounding on timesheets

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MYOB Teams - rounding on timesheets


We have just started trialling the use of MYOB Teams for clocking in/out our Factory Staff, but have come up against the following "glitches", for which we would like to make some urgent assistance please:

- the hours calculated in the timesheets do not line up via the kiosk clock in/out times.

 Ie There does not appear to be a way to choose how to round hours:

 For example, 

 If an employee's normal hours are say 9.00 - 17.00

 But if employee clocks in/out at any times past these times, the hours per the timesheet don't line up with the  hours on the clock in/out due to rounding. Needs to be a way of selecting what rounding/time tolerance is  applied. Or at least an explanation on how MYOB does the rounding here please, so we can choose to use a more accurate time recording software if MYOB cannot do the task required.

Say, if clock in at 9.05, should be able to choose whether to set up to round up/down to nearest 15 mins


Otherwise, will need to adjust in each and every timesheet to correct the hours to actual, not much time saved if this is the case, may has well enter manually


Also, how do we add an auto lunch break deduction of say 1/2 hour


We too are having issues with the kiosk taking a photo when clock in occurs, but not being able ot see this in the MYOB Teams Portal for timesheet approval.

From research on the forum, this issue seems to have been raised quite some time ago now (Sept 2021) - so thought the issue would have been resolved by now, Feb 2023.


I believe MYOB needs to update all Teams users ASAP, or other Time recording software will need to be used


Thanks in advance

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