Automatic Log out issue continual saga

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Automatic Log out issue continual saga

After well over 12 months this issue continues to haunt me once again. Happening on multiple machines.

Can't believe I'm stupid enough to pay money every month for this joke of an accounting program.


Yes I'm familiar with this post and will go through the process once again.


In what decade/ century would one expect a fix for this?

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Re: Automatic Log out issue continual saga

Hi @ShannonS1 


We are aware that MYOB Essentials users will be logged out unexpectedly from the system. This is due to a long-standing cookie issue with the platform. While changes have been made to the MYOB Essentials platform to help mitigate the issue, it will still occur and our team is still looking into ways in which we can prevent that situation from occurring.


In saying that, the development focus for the original MYOB Essentials platform is on migrating the users off that platform onto the newer MYOB Essentials platform, which this issue doesn't occur on. So, while we do see and value that feedback on this issue, it is likely that you will be migrated to the newer MYOB Essentials platform before a definitive solution is found/this issue is resolved.


In the meantime, we do recommend if you are on the original MYOB Essentials platform to continue to look into that linked thread to use those workarounds. In addition to that, we've had some reports of users changing browsers to Mozila Firefox not getting logged out (or fewer times), so if you haven't changed browsers it is recommended to give it a go.

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