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Please add Printer Settings to Essentials as the Profit and Loss PDF report prints too close to the left margin when printing.  The MYOB technicians PDF prints 9 mm from the left margin of paper, but my PDF prints 6 mm from the left margin and I'm loosing detail from the head titles and section titles.


The suggestion I've received from MYOB is to adjust the settings on the company printer, which will then throw off all printing jobs for everyone.  


Thank you.


"Add Printer Settings to Essentials Reports"

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Would like ability to change margins and font size for P&L Report as PDF is too far to the left side and font is small. This is just to eliminate the extra step of saving to Excel and then to PDF. The Balance Sheet  PDF is perfect, need the P&L to be the same

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You should definitely NEVER change the settings on the actual printer to suit the software. That is very dangerous advice and is why the printer companies don't like dealing with some software companies.

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Hi @Marie_22


Thank you for your feedback and showing your support by voting for this idea.