What you can and can't do with multi-currency in the beta in 2018.4.1

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What you can and can't do with multi-currency in the beta in 2018.4.1

What can you do in the Clearwater file?

  • Create a quote, purchase order and bill for Item and service layouts
  • Receive items before being billed for them
  • Set a default currency on a supplier card
  • Set default exchange rates from the currency list
  • Set a custom exchange rate for a specific transaction
  • Create and reconcile a bank account using a foreign currency
  • Create Spend Money and Receive Money transactions using the foreign bank account
  • Pay foreign bills and track the realised gain or loss.
  • Raise and settle debits against foreign bills.
  • View transactions grouped and subtotalled by currency in the Purchases Register.


What can you not do in the Clearwater file?

  • Create foreign sales quotes, orders and invoices
  • Create foreign purchases using the Professional and Other layouts
  • Create foreign recurring purchases
  • View foreign currencies in forms and reports (but you can track the realised gain and loss from the Purchases Register window)
  • View foreign currency values in printed and emailed purchases (orders, quotes , bills and remittance advices)
  • Upgrade from v19 multi-currency files – multi-currency users will require help from MYOB and their advisor to upgrade from v19 and use multi-currency in AccountRight 2018. We need to manually export data from v19 and import those transactions into ARL. (it’s complicated and time consuming)


See the full list on our Multi-Currency page!


When will the above features start to be delivered?

  • Our focus is to increase the number of potential clients we can get using multi-currency. To help, the next piece of work we’ll focus on is the migrator to seamlessly move v 19 multi-currency clients.
  • After this work, we will focus on exporters.

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