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MYOB Essentials - More Description Width - Remove Disc % PLEASE!

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MYOB Essentials - More Description Width - Remove Disc % PLEASE!

Main issues for me...


Description Field on the invoice NOT WIDE ENOUGH, this is a major part of my invoicing, and it now looks really **bleep**.   But it will have extra width if you....



(I get that it may be useful for some, but just give us Disc% via a separate template option, it's bad for business, and I need the space for the Description, really poor form MYOB.)


When I Export an Invoice to PDF, it comes up with the name  pdf  and no file type suffix.  So Windows won't know how to open it, can this be fixed please.   MYOBINV00168.pdf   or something??


It's painfully slow occasionally, even just to open an older invoice can take 20 seconds (not my PC or internet), but I can live with that, which brings me to....


Did I mention getting rid of the Discount Field?   And making the Description Wider?   Ah yes, please see above.


And please do it soon....   I get you've added extra stuff in, but the vast majority of us liked it just the way it was, why are new versions so often worse.  Perhaps you forgot to ask any actual end users their opinions before spending all that money....


Anyway, back to the Description Column Width and Removing the Discount Field... did I mention that?   :-)








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