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Tax Return Business Schedule - NPP Disappearing

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Tax Return Business Schedule - NPP Disappearing

Hi there everyone,


Just a quick query to see if anyone else is having the same problem.


Today we found out that when we enter NPP income for an indiv in the Business Schedule, once we exit the schedule the correct income amount flows through to the income section of 'Business items'.


This is all well and good, however we have discovered that if you go back into the business schedule (say to edit other expenses etc.) the income disappears from the business items without touching that section, obviously affecting the net profit/loss.


This has become an issue as we have only discovered this error recently, after lodging some returns and noticing that the ATO lodgement refunds/payables are different to the estimate provided by MYOB.


My question is, is this a system error or something to do with MYOB (this has happened a couple of times to my colleagues in the past week). There are ways around it I have found, just as going into the 'Preparation' tab at the top and selecting schedules from there, however it is just time consuming not being able to trust the MYOB estimate at the moment and has led to some client headaches - not happy that estimates are not the same as actual refund/payables issued by the ATO.


Any help would be much appreciated / heads up to other accountants!


Kind regards,

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