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Amending Payment Summaries

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Amending Payment Summaries

Hi Everyone,


Mistakes can be made when we're all busy, and there's no busier time for the financial reporting than the End of the Fiscal Year. A common trouble is when we are needing to amend our Payment Summary lodgement to the ATO and send the amended Summary to the Employees. There are different ways to do this depending on what product you are using.


Note: If you have already rolled into the new Payroll Year, you will need to restore a backup made before rolling into the new year.



  • AccountRight Live (2016.2 and later)
  • AccountRight Classic, AccountEdge & AccountRight 2016.1 and below
  • MYOB Essentials


AccountRight Live (2016.2 and later):


In the current AccountRight software, you can mark your Payment Summaries as Amendments on Step 7. Review the Payment Summaries:



Once this is marked, just continue to Step 9 and generate the new Empdupe file and submit to the ATO.


AccountRight Classic, AccountEdge & AccountRight 2016.1 and below:


These products don't have a feature to create amended Empdupe files to submit to the ATO. You will need to obtain the manual forms from the ATO and post the amended figures.


For details on this, see this article from the ATO: How to lodge your payment summary annual report



MYOB Essentials:


When you have downloaded the Empdupe file, Essentials will let you return to re-do the Payment Summary and mark it as an Amendment.


To do this:

1. Go to: Payroll > PAYG Payment Summaries

2. Select the relevant Payroll Year & tick the relevant Employee.

3. Click Enter payment summary info

4. Click Edit summary details:


5. Tick Yes, this is an amendment:


6. Continue with the rest of the Payment Summary setup & download the Empdupe file to submit to the ATO.


You can also re-print and re-send the Payment Summaries during this process.



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