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Can there be a check box added that will automatically add the fee's associated with Pay Direct Online to the invoice if i choose to pass them on. Once checked it should add a disclaimer to the invoice that a 2.2% + 0.25 cent transaction fee applies to all payments processed through this service.


Then when the customer selects view invoice they should be presented with 2 options:

firstly - print and pay (direct debit/cheque) the normal invoice amount

secondly - a pay now button that has the service charges added, which should also clearly state they are MYOB charges. The pay now button would need to automatically generate an updated or a standalone invoice for the transaction fee's

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If surcharging the customer invoice was an option, I would opt into Myobs online card processing.

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Why is this feature not already offered. ?It's a basic standard function 

please install it so we can use direct pay online 

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We would like MYOB to automatically add the credit card % transaction fee onto the the final invoice when the customer opts to pay with credit card.


At the moment, we lose this value from our net profit. We do not know if the customer is going to pay with credit card nor can we charge merchant fee's in retrospect.


Unless something is done soon, we may have to remove the credit card payment option from our invoices.

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IF only MYOB would please do this, we would switch our merchant facility from CBA overnight, even though it is a higher interest rate.